I’ve got some days off coming up and will be in the woods Oct. 29th thru Nov. 1st and Nov. 6th thru 9th so hopefully weather is good and we have a nice cold front! The calendar year’s ending appears a long way away, with the required time to get items done. How the Moon will Effect the 2020 Rut Dates, Jared Day 9: Big Buck On A New Property, Fooled By Trail Cam Pics, Josh’s Blog | Finding Back A Shooter, Brad’s Biggest Buck Ever. This is one of my favorite windows any year and made better by the moon phase this year. The timing of the rut will vary state-by-state, but possible triggers, like the moon phase and weather, will be good indicators of when you can expect to see whitetail bucks ready to rut.

I am in Clearfield. Good luck. You Might Also Like Faa Payroll Calendar 2020 May 16, 2020. It really comes down to three things: how many bucks of that size are on the property you will hunt, how well the weather cooperates (cool would be better) and how carefully you hunt.

I hunt in southeastern Ohio. If that doesn’t work, I might snort-wheeze too. Good luck. I’m a moon fanatic. We target 150″ or better … The close up of the entire year is getting close to. They get tired of the harassment so we believe they just don’t move. Posted on September 14, 2020 September 22, 2020 by Michel Breton. I am trying to plan my rutcation for this year and wanted your feedback. I live in Manitoba, Canada. We have a farm in SE ohio. I don’t believe that the moon phase effects actually breeding dates. The simplest way to find bucks during this time is to find the does and hunt near them. In 2020, the second full moon occurs on October 31. How’s it going we’re up near Curwensville…We normally head down there the first week in November and usually the best days that we have killed nice bugs have been around the fifth sixth and seventh just wondering what week do you think would be best down there leaving on 5 November in hunting till the 13th or leaving say Halloween and coming back on the eighth?
Thanks Mike, great information. Late October up through the 1st week of November has been the best …..hands down Do I take the 7th through the 14th even though the record high temperatures are going to take up the majority of the trip or do I wait until the following weekend and go the 14 – 22? Bill, Would you suggest ignoring scrapes/rubs and hunt transition and pinch points?

My dates this year are Oct 31-Nov 8th. Many hunters will point to the book, Strategies for Whitetails by Charles J. Alsheimer, and the author’s “Lunar Rut Theory” as an argument for knowing how the peak of the whitetail rut is regulated by the lunar cycle. I predict the full moon on November 30 will have bucks moving well into the first week of December. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Think I will be on the yellow river. The 2020 Deer Hunting Season Forecast. Last year I hunted from oct 26th-nov 2nd and we saw very little activity. Every year the rut falls in pretty much the same period and the dates you have selected will be a good chance to catch bucks as the first does are coming into estrus. The longer you sit, the better your odds of seeing a good buck come out of lockdown and start prowling for another doe. But the best time on the farm i Hunt in Gallia co. Is from October 31 st – December 6th. 2020 Whitetail Rut Predictions For Pennsylvania – 18182. I hunt North East Kentucky and try to make a trip every year in November. Headed to Ohio the 31st. Joey.

Use them to plan your upcoming rut-hunting vacation. I also hunt Ohio Public Land the first week of November and am very interested in your answer to Ryan’s question. Just stumbled on this site.. as for myself I’m on vacation till nov 18th.. yesterday(nov 2nd) I had a mature buck come in at 60 yds.. unfortunately he made a right turn on the shelf I was on instead of a left which would have put him in front of me .. Hello I’m going to play off of the last question. We see activity at random times during the rut and an uptick when we’re in the area of a doe or does in heat.” The Hunting Public’s Aaron Warbritton, “Midday seems to be the best during a full moon. I believe there is a little something to the lunar phases and how they impact the movements of rutting deer. Last fall's rut was one of the most frustrating of any in the 56 years I've hunted. But it could be good now already as I am getting daylight photos of decent bucks on trail cams in the mornings. On our farm everything goes into lockdown… does rarely move in fear of a rut crazed buck putting his nose where they don’t want it. Do you believe the peak breeding would still be Nov. Make Sure You’re Ready for the Rut. The days leading up to Nov 11th tend to be best. Then I hunt as much as I can during that time. Updated for 2020. Good luck, and send me pictures if you shoot a big one!
But if you have to choose dates, you would do better the day after the front rather than the day it goes through unless it goes through early in the day. What’s the best suggestion for this time and area… FOOD or is there some rut activity still happening? Bowhunters have killed big deer on warm days so there is hope, however small. Also, decoying and calling seem to be more effective late October and first few days of November (from my experience). I have hunted quite a bit here lately and was wondering if you think I should start hitting those morning sits on those November 3-12 dates or when do you think would be a great time to start hitting mornings more. Again, I would stake on my season the fact that peak of breeding would be around mid-November there.

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