Henri Fayol (1916) identified five core elements of management as to control, to organise, to forecast and plan, to command and to co-ordinate. Another example was of managing late arrivals in the mornings; a common ill behaviour practiced by students for several reasons. This is the origin of the term Hawthorne effect, which describes the special attention researchers give to a study’s subjects and the impact that attention has on the study’s findings. It allows the team in turn to meet it is goals and objectives in an open and none oppressive manner. Butcher, K (2001): “Exploring the foundations of middle-school classroom management”. Decision-making: The head-teacher is ultimately responsible for the policy, and thus will maintain overall control. www.iiste.org This paper will demonstrate the characteristics and behaviors of Tava Jackson as an effective leader in managing her hair salon. Within a very short time, C realised that her behavior was not going to be commented on, and joined in the discussion – allowing me to positively reinforce her contributions. Now this theory can be extended with Bandura’s (1977) Social cognitive theory which is based on personality and self – capability. Tauber, R (1988): “Overcoming Misunderstanding about the Concept of Negative Reinforcement.”. It is ‘the capacity for recognising our own feelings and those of others for motivating ourselves, for managing emotions well in ourselves as others’. Meaning they should be able to present themselves as role model for the younger generation to learn from them particularly in relation to good behaviour. Speaking to parents can be helpful in the sense that if there are any grave issues from home, the parents need to understand and be able to provide concrete solutions as school time has to be respected at all costs. Abstract An effective leader has the power to improve the success in an organization. The key to motivation is the satisfaction of desires. His theory of human needs had three assumptions: •Human needs are never completely satisfied. These qualities cannot be acquired by the individuals. The trait theory is very simple. He suggests that having the ability to understand other people and predict how they would react in situations makes it easier to manage people and incidents. Examine and discuss the behaviour management theories as outlined in the Charles (2012) text. They also reveal several key deficiencies. Looking for a flexible role? Positively and negatively reinforcing behaviour, despite what critics say about it, works in most cases. Rules and Sanctions: These must be defined in advance so that both teachers and pupils know where they stand. As a primary teacher myself, through my experience in teaching at primary schools, I noticed that even during the best lessons, with the most experienced and talented teachers, there are incidents of problematic behavior. By encouraging positive behavior (i.e. Teaching A review of various research studies has been presented by stodgily. Thus, it is difficult to measure his personal abilities as a good leader. However, there seems to be no comprehensive review and synthesis of ethics management literature in construction. Encourage productive conflict as this is needed to grow and develop as a team. During a recent science lesson, a pupil (C) attempted to interrupt a class discussion that I was leading with irrelevant and attention-seeking remarks. There was a period within my workplace where a high number of safeguards were made and the local authority produced guidance on safeguarding thresholds. Historically restraint has been used in care at times in a negative way and without necessity. The best thing was, the behaviour of the teacher during all this time remained gentle but pursuing which had a great impact on the then aggressive learner. Theories of leadership I looked at included the ‘Trait theory’ – this theory suggests that people are born with a range of traits (qualities or attributes), and that some of these traits are ideally suited to leadership. School policy cannot and does not aim to control all of these factors, rather it aims to provide a framework in which teachers, parents, support staff and students can work to eliminate “problem” behavior and promote positive relationships.

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