Skip forward to 1893 to a key moment in the history of the sport is when another set rules and regulations, which are similar to the rules of today were published by The Badminton Association of … The dominant countries are China, Indonesia and the Republic of Korea, followed by Great Britain and Denmark. Being such a fast sport, sometimes you have to shoot in uncomfortable situations while keeping yourself standing up. The three keys to a good balance as far as body position is concerned are the following: The last principle you need to learn is that, while improving your footwork, it is critical that you focus on making it correctly and not on making it fast. When beginning to play badminton, you should only worry about two types of grip, which are the main ones used. These lines are part of the area which they define, so both in the image above and in the data below the lines are included in the measurements. Parallel smashes are always preferred to diagonal ones, as diagonal smashes make a parallel defense (to the side of the court you are not located) easier and more dangerous. A shot is called a clear when you send the shuttle from the back of your court to the back of your opponent’s court. Badminton scoring system. As we said in the service section, the service is always performed diagonally and the person staying in the diagonal side from the server is the receiver. A good tactic to use in doubles is targetting your attacks to the weakest opponent, or at least the one with the weakest defense skills.

Everything we are using now (rackets, shuttlecocks, shoes, pants, dresses, socks…) is so different than the old days, I just couldn’t imagine myself wearing these clothes to play at all. The following video from KC Badminton explains the forehand/backhand differentiation much better than I could by writing it. We have continued with the benefits of playing badminton, the types of strokes you can find and the types of grip you can use. Moreover, it will help you improve your flexibility because you will have to stretch yourself further than you thought possible to catch the shuttle. The Badminton Federation of England was created 16 years later and in 1899 it organised the first All England Championships. The competition, called All England Open Badminton Championships, included gentlemen’s doubles, ladies’ doubles, and mixed doubles. It is the only shot that you have to make every single point (as long as you are the one serving). Since then, the number of events has remained unchanged. The shuttle travels at a lightning speed and you have to react to that in a matter of milliseconds. It is located in The home of English Badminton, the National Badminton Centre in the UK. From the 1600s, battledore and shuttlecock was just a game involving 2 persons hitting a shuttlecock towards each other as many times as possible before it hit the ground and it used to be an upper-class game in Europe, including England. Badminton’s roots are tied to similar games named “Battledore and Shuttlecock”, which could be traced back to over 2000 years ago, in ancient Greece and Egypt. The environment is, in general, very controlled, and the umpires do not have such a big impact as they can have in other sports such as soccer or basketball.

As it is the case with all the other items, there are shoes that are designed for beginners so you do not need to spend a tone of money on them. Badminton history and origin are, unfortunately, not fully documented and, therefore, it is not totally clear how it started. Yes, you can lose weight by playing badminton. In it, we have started with a brief history of the sport, the basic equipment you need in order to play, where you can play and the basic rules to play a badminton match.

There are certain items that you must have if you want to play badminton. You need to know who serves first and, most importantly, you need to know how to keep the score. As for the score, it is the same for both males and females and for both singles and doubles. Is there anything you would like to know more about? By 1875, the first badminton club was started in Folkestone, England. As we explained in our badminton vs tennis post, you can burn around 500 calories in one hour by playing badminton. It used to be a game that could have multiple players involved, and each of them will hit a shuttlecock with feathers with rackets. The second division is vertical and easier to understand. History: equipments and individuals of all age groups. It is played to the best of three sets. Therefore, you will always have to face the reality of a game lost and learn to take responsibility for it. In 1887, J. H. E. Hart of the Bath Badminton Club standardized the rules. A recreational game was arranged for the guests who arrived at the party. If you are playing indoors in a sports hall that is equipped for badminton, they will most likely provide the nets and poles so you don’t need to worry about them. Badminton was called badminton because it was officially introduced to England in the “Badminton House”, a country estate owned by the Duke of Beaufort in Gloucestershire by 1873.

Service is probably the most difficult part of the rules. During that period, when the weather is windy and wet, instead of a shuttlecock, a woolen ball was preferred by the upper class and hence invented “Ball badminton”. Another important part of footwork is to keep a good body balance so that you can hit the shuttle in a consistent way and you can also recover to the base point as fast as possible. Below we have listed the most relevant for a beginner. When you win the point, you have the service on the next point, no matter who had the service in the previous one. In addition to the court itself, it is also important to highlight the rules for the court equipment. Badminton has a cosmopolitan history. A shot is called a net lift shot when you hit the shuttle from the front of your court to the back of your opponent’s court with an upward direction. J. H. E. Hart standardized the rules of badminton and by 1893, the first set of rules similar to modern badminton was published by the Badminton Association of England. Before the Badminton World Federation started organizing the World Badminton Championship, the All England was considered the unofficial world championship. The rules of the modern game were developed in England, but it is now Asian countries that dominate the sport. Badminton benefits are not only improved agility, flexibility, and balance. The most widespread theory is that it was invented in British India and then went back to England, where it became popular very fast. If for whatever reason, while playing doubles, the partner of the receiver returns the service instead of the receiver, that will be considered a fault and the point will go to the serving team. We have created a very extensive footwork guide where we explain all you need to know in order to move around the court correctly. The basic rules of badminton. The base point is what we could also call the anchor of our game. If you want to improve your game, be sure to sign up for the Badminton Famly+ program. That doesn’t mean you need to spend a lot.

Each set is played to the best of 21 points, with a point scored every time the point is played. Yonex, the go-to brand for most professional players as we explained in our badminton brands post, has rackets for beginners that start at less than $30. According to “A Brief History of Badminton from 1870 to 1949” written by Betty Uber, modern badminton was created by British military officers by around 1850s in British India, at that time, a net was added to the game and because it was very popular in the garrison town of Poona, the game was known as Poona. By targetting that area of the court often, you will be able to gain the lead of the point easily. Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Although the creation of modern badminton is attributed to England, it is Asia that now dominates this sport. If you win a point, you score a point in your scoreboard. The first side to 21 points wins a game. Therefore, by practicing badminton, you will develop your physical agility. Badminton is a very fast sport, both while playing singles and doubles. This means that, if the shuttle falls on the line, it is considered “in”. The posts have to be 1.55 m (5 ft 1 inch) in height from the surface of the court. This tactic is very dependent on the skill of your opponent, as you are exploiting a weakness from the other player more than your own strength. A very simple and effective tactic for singles is to target with your shots the backhand shot in the back of the court. By focusing your attacks towards the weakest player, you will increase your chances of winning the match. As with throwing the shuttle up, when the shuttle lands on the floor, whichever side the cork of the shuttle is pointing towards, is the side that decides if it wants to serve or not. Your email address will not be published. This game came to be known as padminton' because it was played at Badminton house' of Duke. You will not regret it!

Even though the concept is not as powerful for badminton as it is for tennis, the same principle still applies. After learning the principles for moving around the court, we are going to list here all the badminton shots that exist. This can get a bit confusing in doubles so, if you are curious, you can check our badminton basics post where the serving principles in doubles are clearly explained.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'thebadmintonguide_com-narrow-sky-1','ezslot_18',626,'0','0'])); If the game reaches 20-20, then a player must have two points of difference in the scoreboard (22-20, 23-21, …) in order to win the set. Since then, Badminton was named “Badminton” instead of “Poona” and “Battledore and Shuttlecock”. In this article, we are going to talk about the brief history of Badminton so you get to know this lovely sport better. The court equipment is made up of the posts and the net. With only 2 rackets, 1 shuttlecock, and a good friend, you can easily spend a great afternoon together exercising. Change of ends simply means that the teams or individuals need to change sides of the court as it is customary in most sports. J. H. E. Hart standardized the rules of badminton and by 1893, the first set of rules similar to modern badminton was published by the Badminton Association of England. You can check the latest price on In order to win a point, you have to be the last one to hit the shuttle and the shuttle has to land within the perimeter of you opponent’s court. Nowadays, You can still find a similar game in Japan which is called Hanetsuki, it’s a very popular new year’s game involving a wooden paddle called hagoita and a shuttle called hane. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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