Midori and the Music Sharing regret having to cancel the current ICEP application cycle due to complications of her pregnancy. [2] Ito turned professional afterwards, bringing the triple Axel for the first time to the professional ranks, and performed with ice shows in Japan. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. First woman to land a double loop-triple loop combination (in the short program) (1983). During a practice session, Surya Bonaly of France performed a back flip near her. At the 1990 World Championships, Ito was 10th after the compulsory figures but placed first in both the short program and the free skating and won the silver medal, second to Jill Trenary. She finished second to Katarina Witt, who went on to win the Olympic title a few months later. We will re-open a new cycle of ICEP application in spring 2015 for the next program, which will take place in December 2015 and May/June 2016. Met musicians mourn a long-serving violinist, Exclusive: German music directors hit back at Angela Merkel, The Slipped Disc daily comfort zone (224): Original Jansons, Locked down with Placido Domingo in a Vienna restaurant, Two Berlin pianists fail to overturn concert ban, Philharmonia Baroque seeks new chorus chief. The change may have an interesting origin. Ito returned to competitive figure skating in 2011. Ito had chronically sore knees due to her jumps. [3][4] At the 1988 Calgary Olympics, she became the first woman to land seven triple jumps in an Olympic free skating competition.[5][6]. At the 1982 World Junior Championships, Ito won both the short program and free skating, but again weak compulsory figures kept her off the podium, in 6th place overall. Her successful seven triple jumps were two more than any of the other skaters even attempted. By age 11, Midori and her mother moved to New York City so that Midori … [22] She planned to perform the triple Axel combined with a double toe loop for the jump combination requirement in the short program[25] but changed it to a triple Lutz combination. At the 1991 Grand Prix International de Paris – a pre-Olympic event in Albertville – Ito beat Kristi Yamaguchi by completing a triple Axel and five other triple jumps in her free skating. Ito thus became the first woman to execute all six possible triple jumps in World competition: Axel, Lutz, flip, loop, Salchow, and toe loop. I spoke to Midori Goto in late 2013 in person at her studio at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. What I like about Midori’s answers about practicing is that they can be applied to our students, not just to the protégé. [5] Later that same year, she perfected the triple Axel, which she had been working on since her early teens, and landed it at a regional competition in the Aichi prefecture. 1 in C major, LIVE FROM STAMFORD, CONNECTICUT IN THE UNITED STATES - WITH PINCHAS ZUKERMAN, AMANDA FORSYTH, MICHAEL STERN, AND THE STAMFORD SYMPHONY, We’re coming to you from Stamford, Connecticut this week for a virtual performance with violinist Pinchas Zukerman, cellist Amanda Forsyth, conductor Michael Stern, pianist Dr. Michael Coady, and the Stamford Symphony | A concert benefiting healthcare workers, the program includes Bach’s Violin Concerto No. 2 in D minor | Janusz Biskowski, LIVE FROM VIENNA - WITH ALEXANDER SITKOVETSKY, CONDUCTOR YUTAKA SADO, AND THE TONKUSTLER-ORCHESTER, We’re coming to you from Vienna, for a socially-distanced performance with violinist Alexander Sitkovetsky, conductor Yutaka Sado, and the Tonkustler-Orchester | The program includes Prokofiev’s Violin Concerto No.

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