Had to dash off a line because it’s Armistice Day & we just had a SWELL dinner.

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At our feet they gladly swoon. alumnae and two from Mrs. G – one of which had return address – K.M. Letters from the Alice Griffin Collection: Part IV (September & October 1943)

The following letter, presented in its entirety, also mentions Ella “Jimmie” James.

For more information about Griffin, her family, the nurses who appear most frequently in the letters, and details of the transcription process, please see Introduction to the Alice Griffin Collection. Language: English. and measured 20 inches long. Griffin Kauffman's Reputation Profile. Month. men’s underwear on with a slit and a button in back. That Griffin was sad to leave her friends alludes to the fact that, as recounted by Principal Chief Nurse Helen W. Brammer in her “Report of Nursing Activities – 1943”: “On November 29, 1943, an official order was received to evacuate all of our patients and to begin packing equipment and supplies.”, Hi Muth, Cath, Marg & All–    Just finished singing Xmas Carols – felt in the mood – the bunch of us. The men of the 32nd Station Hospital shipped out for Italy on December 15, 1943. Around April 1, 1943, a routine physical detected signs of a previously undiagnosed heart condition. Yesterday he played & he certainly was a riot – he got put out of the game after the first quarter for fouling. We had pork chops – believe it or not – and twelve visiting French officers. The pictures mentioned in the following passage are presumably from the Armistice Day ceremony on November 11, 1943.

The gloves are just wonderful & I was badly in need of them as I lost one of my wool OD ones on the trip – they fit very nicely. We washed down all the walls. […]  I have saved the ones from you, Muth & Margie that were wrapped, but that’s all and the food is being saved. came down yesterday and they are coming down to spend Christmas with us if we are still in this spot. By the way Muth, will you call up Mrs. Singer at 20 Wilder Street, Dorchester. It mentions Marion Huckins and Principal Chief Nurse Helen W. Brammer. She was in the last weeks of pregnancy with her son Griffin when she completed filming on the third season of, She was 9 months pregnant with her son Griffin when she auditioned for the role of Amy Duncan on the new Disney Channel live-action sitcom, Her pregnancy with her son Baker was written into. Griffin’s young friend Nicole Messiah is also mentioned in the next excerpt. The U.S. Army’s final findings, as indicated by a January 12, 1946 memo written by Lieutenant Colonel R.K. Farnham of the Medical Corps, was that Griffin was “Physically unfit for limited service” and that “the cause of said incapacity is an incident of the service”.

This letter, dated only “Wednesday”, was pinned to the first page of Griffin’s October 29, 1943 letter.

The officers played the enlisted men & the score at the end was 0 to 0. I have a lot of fun with the young kids – they jabber in French – me in English – Martine is a month or so older than Pete so she lisps anyhow and we get along fine. Separate tags with commas, spaces are allowed.

Peter Griffin is a larger than life caricature of middle America. Part of the family up the hill – there are all names & families & I have a hard time keeping them straight. The night before last we all went out to dinner. German scientist – Stefan Kaufmann was born in Ludwigshafen (city in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany) on June 8th, 1948 and is 72 years old today. Griffin Kauffman, 22 Fort Collins, CO. Derniers chiffres du Coronavirus issus du CSSE 04/11/2020 (mercredi 4 novembre 2020). Other Works Peter’s picture is just about the best Christmas present I could ever have received. Packages are coming thru in good style & good condition. I received a letter from Ella today with one for Scottie enclosed. I hope the Branchis read my letters because you people are the only ones I get real long ones written too. I’ll never live in the mountains in the winter again.

I stayed about two hours and then had to leave to come back on duty. I sent a bundle home yesterday – it has an extra cigarette holder in it so maybe Cath or Ella could use it. I love to hear about Pete’s antics – keep it up. Has two sons with her husband Keith James Kauffman: Griffin Samuel Kaufman (b. January 28, 2009) and Baker James Kauffman (b. September 18, 2012 via c-section). But you can pick one that's 25 characters or less and includes a letter. We also have a new dietician and she’s right on the ball – ditto. This is your profile URL.

The Griffin letters end here, shortly before the 32nd Station Hospital shipped out for Italy. Introduction to the Alice Griffin Collection Some are presented below.

He had joined the unit on October 12, 1943 and assumed the duty of Mess Officer five days later. By the time of the wedding, several 32nd Station Hospital nurses had rotated home and were able to attend, including Ruth Donovan, Catherine Houlihan, Ivy Bosworth, and Ruby Milligan. Perhaps wanting to avoid upsetting her family, Griffin conspicuously avoided mentioning the death of 2nd Lieutenant Rachel H. Sheridan two days earlier. From attic to cellar you will find good roaming Well protected by the medics The “very bad news” Griffin alluded to was the death of 2nd Lieutenant Rachel H. Sheridan. I’m running around with an Irish major at present but I’ll just have to stop because I certainly can’t keep the pace that those horrible harps do. You may already know people on Myspace. [In blue ink, probably added later:] Please send me some cold cream, need it badly. I’ll see you next year some time. One will go and that’s all. They don’t even give me time at night to rest a few minutes before they are yelling for me. Derniers chiffres du Coronavirus issus du CSSE 31/10/2020 (samedi 31 octobre 2020). Try it, it’s good. We worked about sixteen hours that day.

Presumably, she kept up her prolific correspondence until her return to the United States, but these letters were lost during the decades that followed.

Hi Muth & Cath – Here’s that lazy bones daughter & sister dashing off a few lines. Ruth & I sat on the top of the steps last night watching the sea & waves.

Love to all the neigh[b]ors. Review. I won’t leave a darn thing behind, ever, so I’ll bet my bedroll won’t hardly tie if that ever came to pass. In a hotel, in the mts Griffin had concealed some very important news in her letters, undoubtedly so as not to worry her family.

My case is swell and the smell has almost gone – I keep all writing material in it.

The moon was very bright and there were hundreds of stars out. I’d give a thousand dollars to be able to see him for even five minutes or Xmas – – everyone in the outfit knows about him and they all thing he has grown an awful lot since the last picture I got. Letters from the Alice Griffin Collection: Part II (May & June 1943) The following V-mail, presented in its entirety, describes the nurses’ accommodations while waiting to depart from Algeria.

Deutsch; Español; Français; Stefan Kaufmann. Oh my Dr! Be a seeing you – hip – hup & cheerio.

I haven’t even written to Mary & Helen for a while.

Donations from each Nurse decorated the Villa, complete with Christmas tree and lights. She was born the same year as Griffin’s nephew, Peter. Today I’m all slept out. We say Whoa Geronimo, 5 We went to the cutest French church yesterday, & made a wish – the churches in Africa have just one priest as the others are all in the French army. They had turkey & we had two helpings of everything. The year 1948 June 1948 June 8th, 1948. Since Griffin’s letters cannot tell the remainder of her story, I will attempt to do so briefly here. Griffin Kauffman (grifx)'s profile on Myspace, the place where people come to connect, discover, and share.

[Blue ink:] All the girls send their love and thank you.

Letters from the Alice Griffin Collection: Part V (November & December 1943) Ruth & Dot saw the tree we want and tonight after dark we’re going to sneak out and get it – – if we were home we could buy one but so far I haven’t seen any. We’re going to have one Hell of a fine time though wherever we are. Peter is a stereotypical obese, blue collar worker.

When we got to Italy we really worked.

had the Xmas decorations but I didn’t take them out, I’ll wait for a while.

They are strong & brave & bold The second one is sort of sob stuff and certainly not the feeling we have – the third is certainly true.

It was raining cats & dogs so we usually spent the afternoon at a club they have here for us (drinking unaged beer) singing and acting crazy. Well kids, have to go now – and dry my clothes from that nice rain. Very independent that Griffie.

Cath you said not to open my X-mas presents until Christmas but on account of a bunch came through soaking wet – I have to. All subsequent letters, written from the end of 1943 until her return to the United States circa July 1944 are lost to history. Le taux de mortalité est de 2,55%, le taux de guérison est de 66,48% et le taux de personnes encore malade est de 30,97% Pour consulter le détail d'un pays, cliquez sur l'un d'entre eux dans le tableaux ci-dessous. We are now almost a year over-seas – does it seem possible that so much could happen in a year – gosh what a crazy, yet wonderful one. Thistle and was briefly hospitalized at Stark General Hospital. [sic]  I have so many to write, it’s an impossibility. I have to go to bed and get up at 3 to test my gas mask in the chamber. Use one of your social networks or start fresh with an email address. Griffin was examined from April 10–16, 1943 at the 12th General Hospital; her condition was considered stable enough that she was allowed to return to duty. She smiled whenever she looked at me and anyone.

This major is really a swell scout – – he’s married but he’d like me to meet his brother so much – he knows the brother would like me and we’d make a wonderful pair – this went on & on. Now that you have the negative (or have you) of me and the mountain – do you think they could enlarge that a bit & color it – not for me but the view – I like that too. Tomorrow morning I have an awful lot to do – have to get my clothes clean for a change – wash my hair & have a  [shirt or skirt] put up etc. Then as I told Marg – I received Peter’s gift & also your gifts for the kids – but they can’t open them until Xmas – – I opened Peter’s though, they fit & look perfect. – hope it stops raining.

I’m really bad on Christmas writing & soon I have to start my cards – I’ll be so glad when the day comes & I don’t have to write a single letter.

Dinner on Christmas Day was partaken apart from the male members of our organization, as they had already departed from North Africa. Beatrice White is also on the ship but I haven’t seen her. Need help? Have a cocktail in the house to serve her.

They arrived in Naples three days later, where they rejoined the rest of the unit in staging near Bagnoli. Most likely, the song below—the only one in the collection—was the one written by the nurses. Galloping over the desert in trucks Day. Won’t go thru to catch a gal, 4 Official Sites.

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