Echo uses the local time according to the location you have set in the Alexa app, so make sure it is correctly set. Your options are: 1. Obviously, you can replace “hola” with the word or sentence you want to translate.

You can also control compatible thermostats with your voice. So, you can ask Alex things like “How tall is Mount Everest“, or “How deep is the Pacific Ocean“, and Alexa will proceed to tell you the height and depth, respectively. Here are some of the commands you can use: If your office uses Microsoft Exchange account, you can check your emails by using a combination of Alexa and Cortana (Microsoft’s voice assistant).

Check your country’s status by clicking on the links provided in the article. Now, no longer will you have to say several phrases in order for Alexa to learn your voice — rather, she’ll do it automatically. To help Alexa recognize your voice, turn on the switch under Automatic Voice Recognition. Just say, “Alexa, Drop in on the kitchen” or “Alexa, Drop in on the Echo Show” and it will automatically connect to that device. Just add your favorite quotes and give the skill a name. You can ask any of these sources to play you the news.

For example, you can create questions for your WiFi password, TV remotes, the location of appliances, and more. Repeat the process to finish matching the voice profiles. Anyone over the age of 13 can create a voice profile. I seriously hope u are kidding if u aren’t…… we done help, Alexa would be very helpful in an emergency. Alexa makes it very easy to connect your smart home devices. If you want to take full advantage of your Alexa speaker you will need to keep with the new commands. Whenever you want to listen to your favorite quotes, just say, “Alexa, open “your skill name” and it will start reading your favorite quotes. In October, Google announced a new feature on the Google Home platform: The ability to recognize individual users’ voices, meaning that when you ask Google to play music on Spotify, you no longer have to endure your partner’s Britney Spears playlist — even for a second — before you direct the device to switch to your own playlist. While you can see a full set of skills here, below are some of my favorite Alexa skills: One of my favorite time pass things to do these days is play games with Alexa. One of the good things about using Amazon Echo speakers is that you can control their volume just with your voice. If you’re playing a random Spotify playlist, and you hear a song that you don’t recognize, you can ask your Echo to tell you what song it is playing by saying, “Alexa, what song is this?“. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can actually buy products directly through your Echo devices, without having to go through your cart. Try saying, “Alexa, 70 factorial.“ and get ready to hear numbers you had never heard before, for almost a minute.

Continue until you’ve spoken all the phrases that Alexa gives you. Suppose you’ve been living in the woods and wanted to know who wrote Harry Potter. Have them go through the same steps that you did in order to set up their profile.

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how to get alexa to greet you by name

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