Is this an Asian thing? why dont cyberbullied people just turn off the screen or close they eyes? So don't be &$^*#!%-ing at me if you're reading this five years from now. This economy is of course supported by its highly patriotic citizens who are world-renowned for their discipline, efficiency and ability to deliver high-quality products. * One word in English can translate into three words in an Asian language.

Chinese: The Chinese have the saddest/evil looking eyes of all depending on the facial structure.

Japanese: They have larger, but slantier eyes. Although im vietnamese, a lot of them can look Korean (mostly), Japanese(the eyes and face structure), Chinese(the eyes), Filipino (mostly), Cambodian (least).

Still have questions? Rarely will you see pitch black. Korean: The Koreans' nose bridges are hard to see. The Chinese people make use of a more complex set of … Depends on your genes. They are usually low and medium sized. Is there some sort of secret? In South Korea, you can still meet hanja—Chinese characters—every once in a while, but the script is quickly becoming obsolete. If you've ever looked just at a Korean's lips itself, you will see they are fuller than most Asian lips. Vietnamese: Golden skin tone. Usually just like straight across or something casual.

Japanese: They have larger, but slantier eyes. i can differentiate chinese-japanese, korean-japanese, but it's really hard to differentiate chinese and koreans in my opinion. They usually speak from the back of their throat. NOTE: The accent thing only go towards new English speakers. They love bold designs and are lovers of fashion trends, as well as brand names. my dad's korean, my mum's korean-chinese. If they do have nose bridges, they are usually very low. The only non-Asian I know who can pull this off was my art teacher from high school, and that's only because he fought in Vietnam. I'm a 20 yrs old man, 6'3 and a 138 lbs. If you moved to Japan for years, forcing you to only get to see Asians from Japan, then after that you would be able to tell a Korean from a Japanese too. Japanese likes to dye their hair and look more American. Japanese people are very hard working and are also very respectful, paying great mind to traditions. Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. * Usually like the other nationality's food.
Sometimes they look thinner only because the rest of the face structure make the lips look right sized. Hiragana—the curvy, feminine script—was originally used by women, but is now the main building block of the Japanese language, employed both for vocabulary and grammar.
There isn't really a distinct feature in the asian race i dont think because i'm asian. The difference is that their relatives/ancestors are from different countries! You can't always tell by physical appearance, so don't assume and ask if you need to know. * Usually like the other nationality's food. ? Almost never pitch black. The korean language can sound japanese or chinese depending on the dialect. whats up, you ignored jap and Mongolians, Thai and Philipinos. Are these healthy measurements? What do you call someone who is half-European and half-middle eastern?

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how to tell the difference between chinese, japanese, korean vietnamese

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