I hope Each hour of today bring a lot of surprises in your life and make your day the happiest day of life.

Happy Birthday to my crush. I always enjoy have you beside myself. Happy birthday!”. I hope you will like these all surprises and Have a wonderful Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday Dear!! “My heart has been yours for quite some time. I hope you know my entire love revolves around your person. Enjoy your birthday with my special present. May I hope you will love this much more than the chocolates. I can never imagine a life without you. I Love you!! I would only want to join me in our journey. I wish to God to bless you will 10 times the happiness.

Then you are totally wrong, be prepared for your birthday party and my return gift. Happy Birthday sweet girl. Your Smile is the cutest in the world.

I wonder what the heck has happened!”, “You`re the one who makes my day shine. Today on your birthday I want to confess something to you. Happy birthday to an extraordinarily handsome guy! Sometimes all it takes is a little push in the right way. May all your sorrow from your life go from today. Happy Birthday to you. Cute Ways to Say Happy Birthday to your Crush. Are you really so cute, beautiful, Awesome, Sexy, and always look like an angel or my eyes are bluffing me. Your birthday should always remain the most memorable and unforgettable. Now, We are young but my crush is still on you. All the best to impress your crush on her/his birthday.

But don`t tell anyone I said that.”, “We took a oath of being friends for life no matter what life throws at us. Happy Birthday dear Crush!!! What Is PMS? Your email address will not be published. It feels very special to you. “This birthday I might not be the most special person to you, but I promise for your next birthday I`ll be your nr. I wish you all the blessing are good luck for the year ahead!! May you get all the deserving things in this world. You are the one for me.”, “My only wish on your b-day is that you have the most beautiful day you ever had.”, “I promise I`ll be there for you whenever you need me. Roses are Red, Violets are blue. I pray to god you never lose this beautiful smile from your face. ---- My only wish on your birthday is that you get all the things you want in your life. I wish our friendship go through many years. Happy Birthday to the Sweet and sour girl. May your life get flooded with happiness. I thought a box full of all my love is a better idea.”, “My heart feels like in heaven since it met you. I think it is time you consider me for more than your friend.

I am not gonna spare you on this birthday. Happy birthday to you, my beautiful crush and do have a fabulous birthday. Happy Birthday Dear! Happy Bday to the girl of my dreams, You are the one who bringss a good time in my life. I hope all the stuff you do makes you happy, My all good wishes are only for you and I hope all my wishes come true. You are the book I need to read until the last page before I put it down.

“It`s been said that inside every older person is a younger version.

After all this is the best time to impress you girl of dreams. May you have had all the success in life. To my wonderful crush, I love you very much and I hope you have a great Birthday and Amazing day.

Every day is an amazing day because I am having you in my life. Crush’s are always special for everyone and always stay close to heart. If you`ll want, I can wait for you forever. July You make my life wonderful.

Happy b-day!”, “Today it`s your special day, but you are special every day.”, “If prosperity is what you want, I can wish you a lot of it.

And it looks like we are pretty good at keeping our promises.

Happy Birthday to my best friend. It’s become even better since I have one on you. Happy Birthday to you. Does it hurt to be close to someone whom you know doesn`t feel the same? Because today is your birthday. “It`s been said that inside every older person is a younger version.

I pray your day become super awesome. Happy Birthday to my dream girl who always brings happiness and joy into my life. Funny & Curious Questions To Ask Your Partner.

But I ate all the chocolate. Happy Birthday to my crush. Never stop being my soul mate. I always admire you and feel Pretty awesome whenever I am with you.

It feels so lucky to have you in my life.

Because today is your b-day, I wanted to make a commitment to our friendship. I wish you a million more moments in your life. Does it hurt when some who you notice doesn`t notice you? I hope its just a beginning of an outstanding year. By using this site, you agree to its use of cookies. 7. You’re my obsession.” – Learn more! Happy Birthday to you. Because today is your birthday. Birthday candles make spread a lovely light, but it is not as bright as your smile!! Best Birthday Wishes For Crush It’s so nice to be in love or to have a loved one by your side, but what do you wish and write for your birthday? It`s full of endless love for you.”, “Remember how much I care for you whenever you feel alone and need someone to think of you. Happy Birthday to my life and always wear this smile! April Because you are one of the prettiest girls in the world. Filled with a lot of joy, happiness, Excitement, love and laughter. September You are amazing and deserve all the happiness life offers you.”, “I have been friend zoned for too long.

No matter what they say, we are meant to be together. Happy birthday to the girl of my dreams!”. I hope you have a great day today and filled with my love and happiness. I could have picked for a better crush than you.”, “You are the brightest star on my sky. It is well said that Age is just a number, Until and unless the number is 30! How much time I need to wait to have you just for myself?”, “Can I give you the best birthday ever? Happy Birthday My Crush!

Happy Birthday girl. I know they are not. Happy b-day, darling!”, “I`m tired from just being your crush. We all should have a day, when we are the center of attention, even though you don’t like attention and today is that day.

May God bless you with a lot of happiness, love, and laughter. Every birthday should be celebrated with a blast. You are the sunshine of my life.

The crush can be a boy or a girl. Because I felt a box filled with love is much better to celebrate your birthday. I can't hide the fact that you're my crush, Lots of love, kisses and hugs for my crush, The rumors are true, I have a crush on you, Birthday wishes and big kisses for my crush, Happy birthday to my most recent obsession, Surprise birthday gifts are always the best. Happy Birthday! After all, there`s no better time to impress your dream boy/girl. I am the most excited person on your every birthday. Your single blush fills my heart with happiness. A star that shines differently even among a million other stars. You will be always been admired in my life. Happy b-day, sweetie!”, “Becoming so close to you made me realize how special you are. Wishing a very happy birthday to a. true beauty! You + me = Full Power. There is something between us, that’s why people always say we would look so cute when we both are together. You the most amazing and favorite girl of my life. You make my world complete. Can I give you my heart?”, “The challenge of admiring such a gorgeous person is simply delightful. Crushes are cute and you are too. I am so blessed to have you in my life. I am looking forward to celebrating the birthday with full of enjoyment and memories. Seeing you face on the morning always makes my day. December.

Who always care for me and always stays next to me. Happy birthday to someone who. With every candle, you blow on this amazing day. Happy Birthday my true crush. I paint a big rainbow in the sky just for you to wish you a very happy birthday my Crush! Read more: Funny & Curious Questions To Ask Your Partner! “I have never been obsessed with someone. You deserve all happiness in this world. Sending you lots … “Happy b-day to my one and only girl. You are my life. You have a shiny head to sweet little toes. January May this birthday becomes best for you.

Before the party gets started, Let me tell you one thing, that you are one of the most precious and special things in my life. Confession Through Birthday Wishes. Inside you, I have found my best friend, A sweet love, a perfect partner and a person whom I always admire.

Every day is an amazing day because I am having you in my life. A little birthday message for a real. Crushes are cute and you are too. Happy Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend © 2019. May God’s goodness and mercy fall on you today and all the days of your life. I Think you are the prettiest girl in this world and I always wanted to date you. Have a wonderful year ahead! Happy Birthday to a one and only amazing girl in this world. I pray to that all your dreams come true and you always Stay happy with your lovely smile.

I have always seen a life partner inside you.

All Rights Reserved. Happy Birthday to you!!!!

I hope our children would look like you.”, “Thank you for giving me the chance of becoming yours. You shine so bright because I tagged with my heart.”, “Gifts are great, but my gift has never been given; my heart, I give it to you on your special day. As it’s your birthday today, I wanted to take. June Thank you for being into my life. Happy birthday to the girl of my dreams!”, “I have been waiting for the ideal moment to tell you how I feel, but it doesn`t seem now is the right time to express what my heart feels.

A crush is a person who you admire secretly, someone you really enjoy being around and whom you really like. You are my crush so I thought it would work out well. You live with a huge heart and this is the main reason I  am having a big crush on you.

This is one of the cute ways to say happy birthday to your crush.

I am with you from a long time but I never get the courage to tell you my feeling. I need to tell you already have a special place in my heart.”.

I`ll wait for how many birthdays is necessary to give you my heart.”. And I know you always wanted to celebrate his/her birthday in an extra ordinary way.
I thank you for giving me the chance to know you.”, “It`s so nice to know someone likes you, can you feel it? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>. I Always liked you and you are my one and only crush. Happy birthday to my not-so-secret crush! I will make this birthday memorable and unforgettable for you, I hope you will have a great day. Happy Birthday to you. I have a crush on you since a long time, since we are in class together. I will never let you go!”, “I don`t care if it`s not this birthday. May this birthday bring a lot of happiness in your life.

Have a great day, crush!”. Month If you could make it a surprise, even better!

Happy Birthday to you. November Have a great day today!”, “I was dreaming that we run away together for your birthday.

A little birthday message for my crush. I was dreaming that we had an awesome time together on this trip.”, “Your shrewdness and attitude make you the unique person you are today.

It`s such a great feeling to see that you see things like I see them.” – Click this web page! February I`ll help you like always and stand by your side as long it`s necessary.

I hope you`ll never change.”, “I bought this box of chocolate from your b-day. Your Birthday is like a festival for me which I always want to celebrate with full enthusiasm and fun. Happy birthday!”, “I want you in my life as a friend for all eternity. Birthday Wishes for a Crush. Also read: Naughty Text Messages – Make Him Beg For It!

Because this is pretty, cute and full of energy. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart. Before wishing you on your Happy Birthday, let me wish myself to have one of the hottest girls in his life who is going to have a hottest year ahead. Happy Birthday to you! March What else can I Say?

Happy Birthday.

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