Do not download torrents from the web before hiding your IP with a VPN.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Today, the original domain name is no longer accessible, but KickassTorrents continues to live on at and a number of alternative domains, the most important of which are introduced in this article.

Users can click on the tags to instantly display corresponding torrents, and they can also hide the tag cloud by clicking on a small arrow icon located at the bottom. These are some Kickass Torrents Proxy & Mirror sites that provides an access KickassTorrents original site. By using this list of Kickass Proxy & Mirror Sites you can unlock or access the KickassTorrents.

This website also uploads weekly lists for the most popular and trending torrents of each category.

this guide is for information purposes only. Bookmark our website to access the site.

Instead, users copy magnet links, which are essentially hyperlinks containing hash code for torrents, and paste them into their torrent clients. There are many countries and regions where Kickass Torrents is banned. Now, you can connect the internet to the different servers. Share.

To access Kickass Tor address, you first need to download Tor Browser, which lets you use Tor on Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, or GNU/Linux from here. These proxy sites still allow users to access the torrent library from KickassTorrents: Proxy sites act as an intermediary server between your network and the site you’re trying to access (Kickass Torrents in this case).

Torrent list: The most important part of Kick Ass Torrents are, of course, the torrents themselves, which are displayed as a list, which each torrent showing its name, size, the number of files, age, as well as seed and leech count. The 1337x has great search options and browsing features that makes it a perfect choice for the Torrent users.

Kickass had the most organized and complete database of torrents, this was the one of the biggest reasons for Kickass popularity. It will also appear as if you’re just connecting to the proxy, not the end website.

Meet CGI Influencers, Between Earnest and Jest: A Fight Over YouTube’s Identity, The Benefits of Embracing TikTok as a Millennial, Why You Shouldn’t Use Social Media Automation Tools. It provides a huge collection of torrent files, good torrent download speed, good numbers of seeders and leechers. It offers a wide variety of categories with a deep interest for the Torrent users. The site is noticeably clean and simple, but boasts a massive media library. No actual torrents are hosted on Kick Ass Torrents. The Pirate Bay is one of the top torrent sites in the world.

The Pirate Bay is an index of digital content made up of media and software. Through these Kickass Proxy & Mirror Sites you will be able to download the files in different categories for various torrents including movies, TV, books, and more. This torrent repository dates to 2008, and its main selling point is how organized it is. This is very important to select a right and working site to manage your time. Sometimes it takes Tor Browser a while to establish a strong connection, so it may take a few minutes for the Tor version of KickassTorrents to load.

It can list a large portion of the documents and it is the best deluge search. What sets Kick Ass Torrents apart from many other similar sites are its design and functionality. It is a search engine, which lists all the torrents from different torrent sites. We are here to provide a list of fast and well working Kickass Torrents Proxy & Mirror site links. On 20 July 2016, when the domain was seized by the U.S. government at the same time the site’s proxy servers were shut down. KickAss Proxy Sites List For 2020 To Unblock Kickass.

While most torrents sites evoke a certain sense of cyberanarchy, RARBG seems unusually orderly.

From its launch in 2008, KickassTorrents continues its legacy of providing users with a convenient way how to search for torrents. Since the websites allow users to download copyrighted materials, they are usually taken done due to DMCA reports by software and movie companies. This site was very popular among the people who love to download newly released movies, music, television shows, ebooks, and software.

To unblock a particular website select a site from the available list. Apart from improving the site’s availability, Kickass Tor address also allows KickassTorrents’ users to access the site anonymously. Torrents are sorted into eight main categories, and RARBG requires all torrents to have a well-formatted name, a clear description, and a whole host of other information that makes it easier for users to decide what to download.

1337x is the third most popular torrent website. Kickass Proxies are sites set up to let people access Kickass Torrents. In this case you don’t need any kickass proxy to access the original site. Kickass Torrents has been shut down multiple times and has had to move around to avoid legal issues. First download the torrent file from any torrent site.

The good news is that there are many free VPN services to choose from, including TunnelBear, Windscribe, Hotspot Shield Free, Speedify, ProtonVPN Free,, SurfEasy, PrivateTunnel, and others.

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