Land Rover Sport or Discovery, Electronic Air Suspension Fault Code: LS204004. Parts are coming down in price. If you do your homework well, you can go into it with eyes wide open. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'4wheeldriveguide_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_10',115,'0','0'])); This article is not to offer solutions to each issue but to make you aware of the common problems you could face when owning a Discovery Lr3. Yes, you can convert your LR3 to a spring and strut setup. And it used about a quart of oil a month. That level of reliability from such a high-specked, technologically advanced SUV is fantastic in my opinion. A few of the common Discovery LR3 problems include Communications, Car Audio, and Electronics, The Series I Australian Historic Picture Project, The Series I Historic Picture Project - International Info, The Series II Australian Historic Picture Project, The Series II Historic Picture Project - International Info, The Greasy Green Thumb Gardening Fraternity, North East Victorian Land Rover Community. Always make sure your Discovery’s battery is 100% healthy, so have it tested regularly or before long trips. Mine was a late 2005 LR3. There seemed to be a few recurring mechanical problems that plague the Discovery 3, tarnishing its reputation somewhat. eval(ez_write_tag([[728,90],'4wheeldriveguide_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_11',118,'0','0'])); “D3 TDV6 was bought at 90 miles (146000km). The reliability of the Land Rover Discovery 3 has been unfairly tarnished by critics and Nay-Sayers yet many still believe it to be one of, if not the best luxury off-road SUV around. Let’s Suspension bushes need replacement after 100-150K Miles. Happy Now at 132 miles (214’000km) Cambelt was done at 89 miles (144’000km). This particular owner seemed to be quite happy with his Discovery 3 apart from the high maintenance costs. LCD screen message: Suspension Fault Normal Height Only. Many do not feel comfortable taking the LR3 into remote parts and using them for overland trips anymore due to the many suspension issues that plague them. I’ve owned one and will strongly consider owning a V8 as a second vehicle. issues, however these are the main causes for concern on the Discovery 3’s. How to reset air suspension fault in Land Rover Discovery or Sport? View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message View Articles Member Join Date Aug 2012 Location Kempton Park Age 42 Posts 2,317; Thanked: 185.

To handle the load better, consider upgrading to a slightly larger battery if possible. They are, however, slightly prone to suspension faults sooner than other SUV’s of a similar nature. MY12 RRV 4.4 TDV8 AB, +LLAMS, +e-diff, +ACC stop/go. I have absolutely no idea what is causing it but I know generally when it happens and when it does the air suspension system completely packs in until you restart the car after which it's completely fine. It seems this particular Discovery 3 had a hard life and yet it keeps on going. Many were plagued with mechanical and electronic problems with expenses running deep into the tens of thousands. From an aesthetics POV, it is well worth the cost, so it’s not surprising there are so many […], link to What Size Lift for 35 Inch Tires F150 – FITMENT GUIDE. The highest expense in this instance was the air compressor and 4 Many of these mechanical issues seem to crop up only after 80k-150K miles.
Land Rover / Range Rover Discovery 3 or Land Rover Sport air suspension fault codes “Suspension Fault Normal Height Only”, Help. That will eliminate the need for you to troll through hundreds of forum posts to find a solution. The fact remains if you are out in the sticks and the air suspension gives up the ghost, what then? New alternator Other issues never fixed Nav DVD player was broken LCD screen was going bad Strange elect gremlins were showing up. 2011 Fuji White D4 w/ facelift front and tail lights, 2016 front bumper and grill. Suspension Fault Normal Height Only message on dashboard? I’ve refreshed the brakes and upgraded the front’s to Brembo’s off a RRS as i wanted better braking feel and the tdv6 ones can be improved on.

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land rover discovery 3 air suspension faults

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