It’s just not possible – The landscape of music is too vast for us to master every inch and corner of it. As part of my guitar warm-up, I practice a 2-octave major 7th arpeggio. The Phrygian scale is named after the ancient kingdom of Phrygia (see Wikipedia), which is why it is capitalized.. A lot of guitarists have confusion about what modes are, it took me a long time to get my head around how to use them. Mauro Giuliani(1781-1829) was a leading guitar figure of the Classical period. The chord tones in C7 are C […], Latin Jazz includes jazz music that is written in a Jazz style. This video will take you through the Rumba technique as used by Paco De Lucia and Gipsy Kings (and many others). This free guitar lesson is going to arm you with a bunch of new tools that will bring out new sounds, colours and flavours in your guitar playing (as well as your songwriting). guitar chords guitar scales scales to chords chord progressions glossary songs arpeggio guitar licks misc. Even if you’re just starting out, jamming is a great way to build your skillset and musicality! Follow me  @sergioguitarist to get my latest […], The Soleares is one of the fundamental flamenco forms. It was originally called Classical Gasoline but due to a publishing error, it was shortened to Classical Gas. This opening section features arpeggio style chords in C sharp minor. We can play the notes of a scale and, so long as it’s the right scale, sound good. He has an infectious appetite for music having performed around the world and written a solid body of work and is developing a strong a devoted following. 8 Ways to handle performance nerves (for guitarists), Sharon Isbin's : Classical Guitar Vibrato Technique. The thumb plays all notes using down and up strokes. Its also used a lot in jazz as well. Knowledge is power, and that is especially true for music. I will also show some examples of different players’ right hands and what I like about them. There are many ways to practice these scales, I would recommend a variety of Right Hand fingerings. Yamaha has added a digital imaging option which uses sampled guitar sounds to try and capture and recreate an authentic […], Here are 4 waltzes by Venezuelan guitarist/composer Antonio Lauro. I had a chat with guitarist Doug De Vries about what Brasilian choro music is. Chromatic chords and triplet […], This piece is called Recuerdos De Mi Pago (Memories of my home town). It has been used a lot by artists like the Gipsy Kings and Ottmar Liebert. There are many ways to practice these scales, I would recommend a variety of Right Hand fingerings. Not only that, but we find new ways to write and play music. These are simple exercises which allow you to concentrate on what your hands and fingers are doing. W elcome to the guitar scales section of Today we’ll chat with Adam Del Monte about the Solea. This podcast will feature short episodes on Latin Guitar styles, techniques, players and more. Ironically it was a runaway hit and helped Paco break in to the […], Rumba Strumming is a very useful tool for performing flamenco music.

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latin guitar scales

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