April 09, 2020, How to turn a metal zone into a Tubescreamer Certainly, a great distortion pedal. September 14, 2017. In addition, it adds a 3-way switch with three modes for the distortion.

The pedal everyone loves to hate. \m/, CAN I USE GUITAR PEDALS ON BASS?HOW TO USE THE BOSS NS-2 NOISE SUPPRESSOR IN YOUR RIG. Here’s a really great video which uses the MT-2 to transform a clean AC-30 into a riff monster! Keep on keeping on, in the Metal Zone! Remember – be subtle! You’ll notice that neither the rhythm nor lead tone settings use Distortion over 12 o’clock. Here’s a set of simple, no-soldering-required mods that turn the stock Metal Zone into a pretty good-sounding hard-clipping dirt box with a great EQ section.

This does not work if you start with C24; once you clip C24 you’re done here, unless you want to solder! Any DIY mods for Boss MT-2 Metal Zone pedal? Newer Post →, Please note, comments must be approved before they are published, If you're interested in the nerdy circuit details on pedals... So, here's how you can modify your Boss Metal Zone MT-2 into a tubescreamer (with an awesome EQ circuit) : ← Older Post It is characterised by huge mids and lows, a long sustain and a much saturated sound. My good mate Bob asked me if it’s possible to mod his MT2 to be more suitable for bass guitar. Pushing the knob alternates between the two parameters. So now it has a glorious knob sticking out of the side like a bolt on Frankenstein’s neck. So why isn’t it a good idea to scoop the mids with your MT-2?

The volume of the selected frequency. Among the many modifications of the Metal Zone certainly the most famous and appreciated job. Be the first to know when more are listed: The Boss MT-2 Metal Zone Distortion w/ Keeley Mod is the heaviest modification ever produced by the company, combining an armada of component improvements for low noise, improved harmonics, and a triple threat of diode options for an army of metal in a single box. But also, when you do that (not just with the MT-2 but with any high gain amp or pedal) you just lose all sense of definition and clarity in your tone. To smooth the EQ and remove the top end fizz, I did the following: Here is a quick demo on bass guitar. Experiment with small changes to the EQ to find your sound, and don’t be afraid of dialling the gain down. Recently on our youtube channel I've been doing a few different Metal Zone mods for fun. Take a listen here. When ON and you are tuning,it does boot up the computer chi… After drilling holes and hacksawing the enclosure, it all squeezed in.

Don’t forget to note down the settings that work well with your rig! I also did the following mods, which I acquired from the forum at freestompboxes.org: Diesel Mod

It changes the nasally, synthetic distortion sound into a more natural, dynamic distortion. And we think we know why – it’s because almost everyone has owned one at some point since its release all the way back in 1991 (yes, your first year MT-2 is almost vintage now!). « Reply #10 on: August 16, 2005, 05:39:18 PM » I bought the whole mod pack when Brian had a sale on … Metal-Mods: Custom chrome decals for pinball machines. Once again to use your 15 year old self as an example – as a young metalhead, your first response upon getting an MT-2 is probably to give the mid frequencies a big ol’ scoop (after maxing out the gain, of course!).

guitar pedals • The EQ is much better and has more range than the stock pedal. Death Metal - The Death Metal mod makes the pedal sound much fuller. But bear with me, and let me see if I can convince you…, Contributed by Ed Lim for the Roland Australia Blog. Ah, this infamous Metal Zone! It generates a natural tube sound, more robust and fat than the original. In general, we can say that the ML-2 generates a more robust low end, and can be more suitable to modern genres, for example Industrial, Grind Core, Hard Core, Lamb of God, Pantera, Killswitch Engage, but this depends on many different elements.

Here’s the rub – your guitar may sound mighty and huge when you’re playing on your own, but the moment the band kicks in, to your dismay, it’s swallowed whole by the mix and you can’t hear a thing. With smoother, less harsh EQ it’s even possible to get some nice blues tones with the gain down low. 13 amplifiers, 94 stompboxes and 100 patches. Therefore it turns out more flexible and versatile. Try setting all the EQ controls at 12 o’clock for starters. Based on your location, we've changed your settings: Shipping Region: • UNDER CONSTRUCTION VIEW UPDATED DESIGNS. So now it has a glorious knob sticking out of the side like a bolt on Frankenstein’s neck. On the record, you can get away with more scooped tones because the engineers can EQ it such that all instruments have their own place in the mix (so the guitars don’t get drowned out). 1. Acoustic guitars sound great, but by their very, There is a Roland CUBE guitar amp for every guitarist, with over 2 million amplifiers sold since 1978.

What Roland CUBE Guitar Amplifier Is For You? We’ve all made that mistake. Removing them sounds pretty cool to me, except that for sustained notes/chords at medium Distortion settings have a kind of abrupt transition from distorted to clean sound as they decay. Powered by Shopify, How to turn a metal zone into a Tubescreamer, A few easy Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive Mods. Some settings included in the manual of the MT-2.

You can find them here. As a 15 year old playing an MT-2 into a broken stereo, cranking the gain all the way instantly gave me that feeling of playing into a raging, fire-breathing wall of stacks.
MT-2 •

Guitar is a mid-focused instrument. Also, just finished an mp3 of this awesome mod. Personally I leave them in unless I’m going to do some other mods (including soldering!)

and rotate the Mid Freq knob while chugging on the lowest string of your guitar until you find that nasal frequency that just does not sound awesome. I did some research and came up with two ideas: one to smooth out the EQ and remove some top-end fizz, and one to blend the clean signal with the distorted one. So next time you head to a jam to discover that you left your Blues Driver at home by mistake, don’t fret – that spare MT-2 that everyone has can get you through!

It can use 6 effects simultaneous and the order can be completely controlled and stored in a patch. These were fairly uncommon types of mods, for example turning a Metal Zone into a fuzz, or overdrive, or even just a transparent EQ pedal. Here’s an MT-2 doing a very credible instrumental lead tone… just listen to it, For The Love of God!

It’s also quite a divisive beast, with some loving it, and others hating it.

Ok, so I wired it for true bypass and put a Millennium 2 indicator led drive circuit in, and that all works fine. Other custom pinball MODs available, so check back often! There’s not much spare space inside the Metal Zone, so getting the extra pot to fit was a challenge.

I did a search online for any interesting MT-2 mods and stumbled upon a thread on freestompboxes.org on Boss Metalzone MT2 mods .

I recommend starting with C25, seeing what you think, then removing C24 if you want a fuller distortion sound. Oops, looks like you forgot something.

It is particularly suitable to the use with a 4X12 cabinet.

That’s not ideal. Big call, I know. With a bit of creative EQ and lower gain, you might find yourself surprised once again – here’s the Metal Zone doing some blues! Other custom pinball MODs available, so check back often! too. It's great for metal and has better overdrive tones. It might seem counterintuitive for a full on metal pedal, but at the end of the day, the secret to working an MT-2 is… subtlety.

boss • A looper, a drum machine and a tuner.

That’s where it lives, so if you completely dial the mids out of your tone, it’s no surprise that it disappears. Optional no-solder mods D3 & D4 – Remove one or both of them with cutting pliers for more volume, a different character to the distortion, and … I found these settings on the web. There are a couple of reasons, and here’s the short version: The EQ controls on the MT-2 are extremely powerful – each of the High, Mid and Low knobs gives you the ability to boost or cut a whopping 15dB, while the Mid Freq knob (which lets you control the frequency that’s affected by the Mid knob) has a very wide range of 200Hz to 5kHz! Here’s an MT-2 doing a very credible instrumental lead tone… just listen to it, For The Love of God! Since the EQ controls are so powerful, small changes make a big difference. diy • Germany, Tubescreamers and Rats also feature band-limited distortion.) You know, that (generally awful – more power to you, stock Metal Zone users! The Boss MT-2 Metal Zone Distortion w/ Keeley Mod is the heaviest modification ever produced by the company, combining an armada of component improvements for low noise, improved harmonics, and a triple threat of diode options for an army of metal in a single box. It’s funny – everyone has an opinion on the trusty ol’ Metal Zone. The lower noise level than the original version, the high quality of every component, the superior bass response and the more robust gain are the main characteristics.

EUR There’s SO much gain on tap that you really don’t need all of it on at once. You do you) weird mid-scoop / screechy highs / odd bass bump that can’t be dialed out. For reference, here is the schematic and board layout: http://electricdruid.net/boss-mt-2-metal-zone-pedal-analysis/, C34: Replaced with a 0.047uF (stock was 0.027uF). Which, undeniably, is awesome. guitar effects • You’ll have a tough time doing that live so it’s best not to cut yourself out of the mix before you’ve even started playing. Adjust the High and Low controls to taste to get a baseline for how you want your tone to sound. These gyrator EQs are not the active EQ that has controls on the outside of the pedal; they are a hard-wired mid-boost before most of the distortion, then a hard-wired low and high boost after the distortion, and they give the Metal Zone most of its characteristic sound. Two softwares: Steinberg Sequel LE and Edit&Share.

In this context the Metal Zone is superior. I believe these mods have improved the pedal a great deal. INSTRUCTIONS .

Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of juice to help those pinch harmonics fly off the strings! Keeley Mod. The two 12AX7 tubes work very well and generate a great tone.. All work through an high quality chip. Among the many modifications of the Metal Zone certainly the most famous and appreciated job. The blend knob works great, and will be awesome on bass.

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