Way to go young man,thats a great fish! Well done, little guy! ; 3 lbs. Where: Private lake in Fremont. So proud. Noteworthy: The 11-year-old used a night crawler to nab her master angler fish. Fish must be taken by hook and line. In Nebraska the qualifying length for Master Angler crappie is 15 inches. It’s the biggest I’ve ever seen. 3 0 obj << /Linearized 1 /O 5 /H [ 897 174 ] /L 10225 /E 9809 /N 1 /T 10048 >> endobj xref 3 25 0000000016 00000 n It was the 11-year-old’s first buck. His first fish was an 11-pound channel catfish, then he hooked Brutus using a bluegill for bait with a Meat Hunter rod and a Penn Fierce 3 bait-running spinning reel. I will keep campaigning for that, and dreaming. ; 15 lbs. Here are a few you can take advantage of: Nov. 3, 10, 17: College Night on the Range, Nebraska Game and... Nov. 14 firearm deer opener will bring plenty of opportunities, Deer check moves online only in 2020 in light of coronavirus concerns, Hunters, anglers should be aware of Bordeaux Creek WMA stream survey, Deer hunting is so much more than just deer hunting, Game and Parks reminds hunters that deer permits can be purchased online, Hunters should avoid heavy equipment on Marsh Duck WMA, Participate in Deer Exchange to donate or receive venison, Mountain lion lottery application period is Nov. 2 – Dec. 9, Hunters should see similar pheasant numbers on Oct. 31 opener, Highlights of Nebraska Game and Parks’ November calendar. Free and open election coverage when you register today! – Nebraskans who want to donate or receive harvested deer can participate in the Deer Exchange. Box 30370, Lincoln, NE 68503-0370 If you make an outstanding catch, it may qualify for either a Game and Parks Commission State Record or a Master Angler Award. 0000007716 00000 n With quail, pheasant and waterfowl seasons open, why wouldn’t it be? It had the entire Master Angler database, but it was not easy to navigate. Hagen didn’t just beat the state record, he crushed it, and like Bauer he said he expects it to be a long time before the record is broken again. Big fish of all species do matter to anglers, and they should be considered trophies. Noteworthy: The 93-year-old has caught virtually all varieties of trout over the years but never the hybrid tiger trout. It had been a great summer. Measurements are in inches. Start a … I have a dream that someday we will again have that available to all anglers, a searchable, user-friendly Master Angler database including all Master Angler awards since the beginning of the program.

Buck age structure is at or near... News release from last week: Hunters, anglers should be aware of Bordeaux Creek WMA stream survey LINCOLN, Neb.

Our Master Angler program is one of the largest angler recognition programs on the continent. But there can’t be many.

Recently, the Scottsbluff Star-Herald ran a great story on the wetland and stream restoration project on […], Security, Accessibility, and Privacy Policies. The post Master Angler Awards appeared first on NEBRASKALand Magazine. ; 30 lbs. 11 oz; Paul Abegglen Sr., Columbus Ne; 10/2/1965; Sandpit Bass – Spotted; 18 in. His brother-in-law, Bob, offered to take him fishing via golf cart. Noteworthy: Mitch was fishing with his grandfather, Gary Lortz.

Nebraska was originally a land of streams and rivers, but immigrants began building dams almost as soon as they arrived, resulting in thousands of ponds, lakes and reservoirs. Yet, Nebraska is home to more than 100 species of fish, 78 of which are presumed to be native. Records indicate he caught it on a Storm ThinFin crankbait. Learn more, Nebraska has one of the most popular angler recognition programs in the country. Northern Pike – 36 in. We are working a body short here in the office right now, and had to re-order the pins we send out for catch & release Master Angler awards. Name: Kevin Marr, Omaha Species: Wiper Where: Lake Manawa. Name: Don Paltani and grandson Wyatt, Bellevue, Noteworthy: Paltani said it was a proud moment. This time he did, although he did take three rest breaks. Look at that smile,,,✌. ; 2.5 lbs. Bass – Rock; 11 in. He returned it to the water two days after fighting nearly 45 minutes to land what will be a state record fish. Each year thousands of Nebraska anglers qualify as Master Anglers by catching trophy-size fish. See rules and an application form below. He was hunting with springers Ruby, who flushed the wild rooster out of a plum thicket, and Camo, who retrieved it. Noteworthy: This was Dylan’s biggest catch ever. – Hunters should expect to find pheasants in numbers similar or slightly higher than last year when the Nebraska pheasant, quail and partridge seasons open on Oct. 31. Several bass were caught and released. However, if you want to compare your notable catches to some standards of being memorable or a “trophy”, then you may want to have a Master Angler certificate to hang on the wall. 0000002625 00000 n “We look forward to more proud moments like this one when Wyatt comes of age to hunt.”, Name: Clay Gathye, Gretna, and grandpa Larry Gathye, Omaha. Only fish immediately released are eligible for an award based on length. – Pine Ridge hunters and anglers should be aware of […], It is the eve before Halloween, and who doesn’t like a good spook story?

Nebraska angler here also. This is the cutest photo I’ve seen! Haha! Noteworthy: Bridget and Phil White caught six trigger fish and one white and one red snapper while out on a fishing charter. He caught two that day. In the past we had a searchable Master Angler database on our website. This guy was just a tad over 17.

Noteworthy: Dean, 92, was fishing for trout when he caught this koi. Where: Neighborhood pond in Sedalia, Missouri. What if you were a frog? In Nebraska the qualifying length for Master Angler crappie is 15 inches. Wish i was a master angler, I'm just a master baiter :( good catch. Flathead Catfish. . Name: Cade Atkinson, Gothenburg, Nebraska, Species: Mule deer Where: Southwest of Gothenburg. This is the second big catfish Grant has caught with his grandfather, Jeff Carney. – From August through May, nearly 180,000 Nebraskans head to the field each year in search of various game. Name: Doug Finnicum, Omaha Species: Largemouth bass, Where: Douglas County private lake Size: 4 to 6 pounds. Drum – 22 in. Available for PC, iOS and Android. Hagen’s flathead cat tops an 80-pounder taken out of the Loup Power Canal by William Swanson on June 14, 1988. And he got it on his little $15 Zebco and a little black and white spinning grub. ; 15 lbs. ; 2 lbs.

The bite for big wipers was particularly good at Swanson Reservoir in 2014, but several reservoirs produced numbers of Master Angler-size wipers that year. ; 1 lb.

– Hunters are advised to be cautious and avoid heavy equipment performing wetland restoration work at Marsh Duck Wildlife Management Area in York County. Awesome catch and great picture. I believe we will be getting a bunch of those in the mail in the next week or two. ;4 lbs.

Swanton angler demolishes Nebraska state record with 89-pound flathead catfish. Noteworthy: The 10-year-old shot his first deer on opening day using his grandpa’s .308 rifle. The captain was Patrick Vesser. BASS LARGEMOUTH - 10 lbs. – The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission will accept lottery applications for mountain lion permits Nov. 2 – Dec. 9, 2020, for the 2021 hunting season. The quick-thinking captain gaffed it before it let go. ; 8 lbs. He holds more than 120 Nebraska Master Angler Awards for 14 different species and holds more than 30 In-Fisherman Master Angler Awards for eight different species. This guy was just a tad over 17. While reaching for his net the muskie came out and grabbed the pike. It was netted by Doug’s father, Warren Mellema of Omaha. Fill out, securely sign, print or email your application for nebraska master angler form instantly with SignNow. Sorry for the delay. Think my largest Crappie was just shy of 13 inches and I caught it two years ago ice fishing. Bass – White; 17 in. The minimum requirement for walleyes in Nebraska’s lakes is 15 inches and only one over 22 may be kept. Anglers who release a Master Angler fish will receive a “Catch and Release Master Angler” pin, in addition to the Master Angler certificate. Name: Michael Bebout Species:Whitetail deer Where: Johnson County by Sterling on his grandmother’s land. Personally, catching a “Master Angler” fish was a big thing to me when I was a lot younger, and it is still a measure of success. News release from last week: Hunters, anglers should be aware of Bordeaux Creek WMA stream survey LINCOLN, Neb. Saugeye – 23 in. Blew my mind.

They used hot dog bites and worms to catch green sunfish, too. This catch made him “want to get even bigger ones.”. Perch – White; 12 in. What a slab! 0000001804 00000 n Yeah, me, too. Found something funny/scary on the inter-webs. Name: John Schulte, Omaha Species: Pheasant Where: Public land near Columbus Noteworthy: The 13-year-old used his 20 gauge shotgun to kill his first rooster during the youth pheasant opener. Email notifications are only sent once a day, and only if there are new matching items. “We are always looking for more hunting land.’’, Names: Cooper and R.J. Hladik, Sedalia, Missouri, Species: Largemouth bass Where: neighborhood pond in Sedalia. “But you never know, it could happen tomorrow,” Seitz said. Size: 5x5 Noteworthy:Michael shot this 3 1/2 year old deer at 160 yards with a Browning .270. Perch – Yellow; 13 in. Drake Clements got a 16-point buck on the first day of the firearm deer season. Nebraska Game and Parks officials think it will be a long time before a flathead catfish bigger than 89-pound Brutus is caught in Nebraska. Someone once said: “Deer hunting is a lot about nothing.” “Nothing,” really? – Excitement is building for Nebraska’s firearm deer season, which is Nov. 14-22. Blew my mind. ; 5 lbs. NEBRASKA RECORD FISH ROD AND REEL ALEWIFE - 3.5 oz; Joe Dodd, Johnstown Ne; 9/22/2001; Merritt Reservoir; Heddon Sonar. Noteworthy: Moments after dropping his line in the water, the 3-year-old needed a little assistance from grandpa Keith Bonner to reel in this fish caught with a bait worm.

Richard Hagen of Swanton, Nebraska, with his 89-pound flathead catfish. What if you were a frog? Hagen made some calls after it was weighed, hoping to find it a home. Size: About 8 pounds, 3⁄4 inches Noteworthy: Marr fishes at the lake every Monday. It took three people to net the fish and hoist him into the boat. Blew my mind. If you catch a fish, by any legal means, that is at least as large as the lengths shown below, you are entitled to a Master Angler Award.

Noteworthy: He was fishing with son Chris of Tekamah, Rick Beane of Minnesota and Dan and Eric Jensen of Kenai. Minimum lengths are used strictly for Master Angler Awards for an individual fish that was caught and released. There are eight categories in the program: black basses, temperate basses, bream, catfish, crappie, perches, trout, and a miscellaneous category. ; 10 lbs. Michael found him. Take a look at the list of these trophy fish, compare your biggest catches and then review the rules because you never know when you might catch the next state record. ; 3 lbs. Wonder if he's packing bombs in his hands too.

Let me say a few things about our Master Angler Award program in my blog today. .Yg�o�r�ҝ� �&�4��s��Hu�,d[���b�p���0�Խ��e�`�e�$F��b�\Y�eӍv�rVԎ+8��������0.MpX��qDvn3ݥl�L�0��EZ�p2S�f�����*^���Ag�x���4�����e�},8�D�/�s�})��i��r�KG��x�I���y�|z5��ls��uϚ���Z��dj%����(����� �;ۆ endstream endobj 11 0 obj 678 endobj 12 0 obj << /Filter /FlateDecode /Length 11 0 R >> stream So, if you are applying for a Master Angler award for a fish that was kept, IT MUST MEET the minimum weight and it makes no difference the length of those fish. I cant say enough about you building up your child! It is important to have a basic ability to identify the variety of fish species found in Nebraska because of fishing regulations for different species. It was the best ending anyone could have hoped for, says Daryl Bauer, fisheries outreach program manager for the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. Noteworthy: The 10-year old was fishing with grandfather Mike Loofe of Wakefield. It brings... LINCOLN, Neb.

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