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Hi, I'm Lou. It’s not entirely clear why these genes have the effect they do. But other breeders don’t take issue with spiders because they can eat, go to the toilet, shed, and breed just fine. The IHS does many things, including: They’re a reasonably large organization with many members. When you breed a spider and a sable, it makes the head wobble worse. The genetic change that causes a spider ball python’s color and pattern have other effects, too. it started happening when i fed her yesterday. There are the pros and cons of breeding spider ball pythons: There are good health reasons why you should avoid breeding spiders. In 2017, the IHS decided to ban the sale or collection of spider ball pythons at any of their events. Chocolate ball pythons are a dark, rich brown. They have small white spots on their upper lip, which gives them their name. The head wobble affects the snakes’ motor skills. That doesn’t stop breeders trying, however. Through extensive testing, breeders have discovered that breeding certain morphs with other morphs results in unhatchable offspring. As for owning one, the experience is the same as owning any other ball python as a pet. Many breeders believe that they should be banned due to their neurological issues (head wobble syndrome). Because they’re so common, others are breeding them. Can You Cure Spider Ball Python Head Wobble? When you breed one with a spider, some of the offspring is viable. What is clear is that spiders can still eat, breed, explore, and interact with their owners, just as other snakes can. Derived from the spider. However, their colors are brighter and clearer, while their head colors are faded. Thus, while some ball pythons with the Spider gene have a severe wobble, others experience mild wobble.eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'uniquepetswiki_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_2',117,'0','0'])); If it is a natural occurrence resulting from a genetic disorder, there’s no point to worry. All morphs with a wobble have a spider in their ancestry. Some breeders believe that it isn’t lethal. Occasionally, a new morph will be discovered and imported. UniquePetsWiki is compensated for referring traffic and business to amz. GHI, meaning ‘gotta have it,’ have a smooth, glossy black pattern with caramel highlights. They also have a small light marking on their head as well as distinct yellow-red flames coming up the side of their belly. The best specimens have a black and yellow pattern, like a bumblebee. This is beyond the reach of a regular owner or breeder. You can remedy this by evaluating your husbandry and correcting any fault in your husbandry. whether the snake is in pain. This suggests that it’s likely increased neurological issues that make the super spider lethal. It may also stop them from being able to breathe as normal. Sable x Spider (this morph does not only has severe wobble but has difficulty to hatch); Bumblebee ball python. Their underbelly is completely white. This will prove that the color or pattern is genetic and inheritable. Certain morphs have trouble producing offspring. The other way to make a morph is to breed existing morphs together. According to the Journal of Exotic Pet Medicine, spiders have a condition called ‘wobble syndrome.’ This is where the snake can’t control its head and stop it moving from side to side. Similarly, a champagne and spider pairing is lethal. However, there are good reasons why you should consider not breeding them. But if it’s a result of external factors, then urgent care should be taken. Their dark pattern is a dark rich brown. You might find them lying upside down, not knowing how to flip themselves upright, Large, rounded eyes that stick out (bug eyes), Super champagne, i.e. They also have a slight yellow stripe running along their back. It’s unlikely that they will find an answer. Breeding two spider ball pythons together won’t produce viable super spider offspring. The yellow belly has rich colors, with more yellow showing through. Others will have a barely noticeable wobble that doesn’t cause them any trouble. The reason why is often unclear. The more kinks the snake has, the more difficult it will be for it to move. However, the area of their light pattern is larger than usual. It is more apparent when the ball python is excited. They have small white spots on their upper lip, which gives them their name. Your email address will not be published. Is it possible she has the spider gene even know she is a normal ball python? It’s not possible to breed spiders with low wobbles. Super blast ball pythons are pinstripes crossed with pastels. It’s incurable. We’ve looked at the most popular color morphs, provided detailed descriptions, and included an indicative price guide. However, the eyes can also be a different shape. This may be because deserts have thermoregulatory issues. For corn snakes, it’s a healthy behavior they display when they scent their prey. Its organs may also be squeezed up against one another. That’s why some breeders refuse to breed spider ball pythons. Similar to the super black pastel. They have irregular striping and a white belly. Similar to BELs, but without the blue eyes. However, they have a severe wobble which can be deadly. When a snake’s mouth is closed, it pushes its glottis (the tip of their windpipe) against its nostrils. Your email address will not be published. Cinnamons are darker brown than the average ball python, especially in the lighter areas of their pattern. Their dark pattern is between brown and black. The wobble gets passed on to any offspring that has spider genes, pure spider or not. When it comes to wobble, ball pythons seem to top the list. Others disagree as spiders can still mate, eat, and live, just like other royal pythons do. This is due to the following reasons: Many breeders have tried to create a super spider. Ghost ball pythons have a hazy aspect to their color. Instead, they think that an unidentified issue with their genetics means that the genes can’t be passed on correctly. This morph is produced by crossbreeding two codominant genes of Spider and Pastel. Hello, my name is William N. I am the owner of this website.Welcome to uniquepetswiki.comI hope the website is useful to you. While breeders care about the health of their snakes, some accept compromises. It affects the following morphs: The first of these to have a recognizable condition was the spider ball python. You can tell because the regular offspring of a spider won’t have the wobble, while those that ‘express’ the spider gene will. They may have trouble striking, but this doesn’t stop them from eating. Also, they banned jaguar carpet pythons and enigma leopard geckos, which have similar issues. So while a spider ball python looks impressive, it also has genetic neurological issues. You are still allowed to breed spider ball pythons. However, genes commonly have more than one effect. Is The Head Wobble A Thing To Be Worried About? There doesn’t seem to be a link between the parent’s wobble severity and that of the offspring. In cases where your husbandry triggers the wobble symptom, identify the problem, and try to minimize them. This wobble differs in severity depending on individual snakes and their component genes. Your email address will not be published. A head wobble, for example, is a condition that specific morphs of ball python have. You can create lots of interesting morphs with a spider ball python breeding program. Any other morph that was created from a spider also has the head wobble. During handling and feeding, the wobble will be worse. They look monochrome but can have flashes of yellow. So, coral glows are orange and purple like bananas are. If you’re a breeder, you should study the genetic makeup of the genes you intend to breed to avoid creating a morph with the head wobble. Your email address will not be published. Because of this wobble condition, affected snakes often miss striking at their prey food at the first attempt.eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'uniquepetswiki_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_4',112,'0','0'])); For ball pythons, the wobble condition is predominant with the spider morph. Bumblebee Ball Python Genetics (with Breeding Information Guide), A Beginners Guide to Banana Ball Python Genetics And Breeding. As noted by some breeders, the head wobble tends to get worse with age. It’s noticeable as a dip between the skull and the nose. They reasoned that they had ‘looked at depth into the concerns that have been brought to our attention concerning the genetic issues of these animals.’ It was this that led to their decision. What is known is that the head wobble is a neurological condition. Do you have a ball python that twists its head sideways or even upside down, and you wonder what it is? But their wobble syndrome can prevent them from feeding properly, and ‘may’ decrease their quality of life. The problem persists. Symptoms of head wobble in ball pythons include: The head wobble is a neurological disorder. Notwithstanding, other species of snakes also have wobble syndrome. It has a condition called ‘head wobble syndrome’, which makes its head wobble uncontrollably. My Normal Ball Python just started yesterday to slightly bob her head up and down. eval(ez_write_tag([[580,400],'uniquepetswiki_com-banner-1','ezslot_13',114,'0','0'])); In this case, the affected snake needs to be taken to a vet for diagnosis and treatment. Should I be worried? There are so many beautiful ball python morphs, but they aren’t all genetically healthy snakes. The overall effect is to make the nose appear smaller. Vanillas are almost identical to normal ball pythons. If your snake doesn’t have the spider gene or any other gene that could cause wobble and is not exposed to heat shock and toxic substances, it’s likely your snake is having IBD. Although some breeders have reported seeing their corn snakes wobble, it has nothing to do with a neurological disorder. However, there are some significant genetic issues with the spider ball python. It’s also a smoother, cleaner, and lighter color than usual. Or not, because she is Normal? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The males also do this during the breeding season. Coral glow and bananas have the same gene, but come from a different bloodline. Is the wobble more common than just spiders or do I have a bunk normal? I hope that you find this website useful! Or, it may have several kinks at severe angles. The Most Expensive and Rarest Ball Python Morph (Revealed)! The back has a kink in it, which is a sharp bend to one side. Pied ball pythons are white with sections of normal pattern and color. There are no state or federal laws that prevent you from breeding them. To understand this, let’s look at other morphs with a wobble. Hi, I'm Lou. Spider ball pythons have become so common that you likely won’t make much money from breeding them.

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