I clocked in and an hour later I was still super tired. You has never tried freshly grated/ground (or chewed)? I ate one to 4 sandwiches a day for the next 12 years. I ate the usual three, then we left for a 3 hour drive to our destination. And I suggest the same to you. since this is a harm reduction forum i wont say you would have a better time huffing gasoline...but......yeah. Then I realized I wasn't tired, I was high as fuck. A little bit dissapointed at this time. I fell right asleep and woke up around 6. I listened to music and texted my friends until 1 AM., it was officially 1 day of being high. I have found grinding up one. Copyright: SIN Foundation 2003 - 2018, All rights reserved. Don't act like it's shit unless you have done it. i have about 6 whole nutmegs please help me out thanks, You would be better off shoving dull needles in your eyes than trying to get high on nutmeg, do a quick Google search of how awful it is, Hardly. Anyways, I ate it at precisely 4:00 PM. Really, it was pointless and a real waste of my mother's cooking spices. We should've done more research and honestly not have done it at all. You're 14, that's why you had such a terrible experience. I didn't get dry-mouth, red eyes, diarrhea, headaches, or anything like typically written in trip … Most substances have a honeymoon period n side affects. After the next hour had passed we were both being pounded by the intensity of the nutmeg. I've tried this several times and only had the nutmeg work like once. You arent missing anything by not having the 'nutmeg experience'. JavaScript is disabled. It was 8:30 at that point.

7) I MUST plan out about 30 hours of time to finally be back to baseline...the next day I will not be doing anything in the way of exercize (or at least I won't want to). I have heard mixed reports of nutmeg high being overwhelming and uncomfortable. We were about 150 feet from the water at this awesome private camping spot with a large boulder about 10 feet tall right by our tent, that was slanted perfectly to make a chair with the ground as the seat. I didn't do nutmeg out of desperation for a buzz, but out of a curiosity for a potentially new, and maybe even 'trip-like' experience, which was piqued by the many conflicting experience reports one may find on the internet. What is a F@&#ING Sweeeeeeeetttttttt Trip?!?!?!?! For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Then all of a sudden, I thought I heard the song in the woods. Freaky. That's why I urge you to drink plenty of water (nutmeg gives me incredibly red eyes and a cottonmouth from hell). ***Nutmeg may cause liver damage if taken in excess*** Nutmeg can be smoked to acheive a mild high effect that doesnt last long and taste isnt all the greatest Nutmeg is extremely hard to swallow and high doses are needed to acheive a trip. Once I got a feel for it, I decided it is a GREAT drug. Well anyway, we made a nice fire and got situated to watch the flames. I was at my friends house once and we tried nutmeg. N(utmeg)T(rip)S(tory)# NUTMEG SANDWICHES I don't know about all of this, but when i was 8 years old, my step mom gave me nutmeg sandwiches. GK Doctor of Medicine: note that whatever the above experienced is relative, effect doesnt have to be dose dependent, its more personalized some; some respond to certain doses other may require a higher dose; secondly he used milk which contains casein which chelates (traps) the active ingredient. ^ You should post that in trip reports. So I was bored asf last Friday, with nothing to do, so I was searching up ways to get high on the cheap. I would be very interested to hear the report if You ever does such a thing. I didn't think my girlfriend was going to feel much from the small dose, but she started telling me how she was feeling stoned. Well, two hours rolled by; nothing. I figured out that I could switch songs just by thinking the name of a song, and I switched to 'Lord of the Rings' by Blind Guardian. Damn. I felt one initial wave of the nutmeg just starting. you wanted to get high so bad that you snorted nutmeg? After that, at least a few every week...for many years...hmmmm, i still eat them, but sometimes not so often. nutmeg is something i would only recommend to my worst enemy. Also, the mayo makes the nutmeg go down nicely. I can tell … 5) On your first time, I recommend trying a small dose...if it doesn't work, slowly move up. Read all the info and don't ignore warnings.

I was becoming actually really annoyed. I fell asleep again and woke up Monday morning, finally sober. what it felt like was similar to what you would feel like if you drank a liter of whiskey then skipped the fun part and went straight to the hangover. It tasted actually pretty good even though a lot of people say it tastes horrible (it's JUST nutmeg people, get over it; why do they use it in cooking if it tastes like shit? Yesterday i took 2 tablespoons of freshly ground nutmeg at about 5 O'clock. Not lecturing but wouldn't feel right as a member if I said nothing, but drugs are not all fun n games as they seem n could be damaging to your brain as it's not yet developed at such a young age. I've been eating nutmeg for the past 2 months or so now and I have had some wonderful experiences on it. 9) I don't just think I am like everyone else (if I want to do it with a friend, I don't just give him the same amount I eat...he must find out what is right for him by gradually upping the amount). I noticed details in nature, and my surroundings.

If you want to try it, take at least a couple TABLEspoons, not just three teaspoons, and you MIGHT feel something. Its been about 12 hours since I smoked, and I was suprised by the length at which I stayed high. I moved this to trip reports for you. Since saying that rarely makes a difference though, I suggest sticking to weed... the first 4 times I did it, I didn't feel anything, but then after that, I sure did. She said it had been an angelic voice singing it to her from the woods. Nutmeg contains a variety of essential oils including myristicin and elemicin (which are said to be responsible for some of these effect) along with safrole, and swiM thinks eugenol among others. Also, the mayo makes the nutmeg go down nicely. Then I moved up to 2.5 heaping teaspoons and felt a pretty strong buzz. Discussion in 'Ethnobotanicals' started by i can see the rainbow, Jul 18, 2009. I don't know about all of this, but when i was 8 years old, my step mom gave me nutmeg sandwiches. It was the most unbearable high, and I learned to stick to the green that day. I watched this for 5 minutes or so and told my gf about it...she had also been watching the same thing at the same time. The second I got home, I was still high. This at the same time I was listening to music in the woods, too. Well it's 4:30 and I just dropped 6 grams. I also spent 15 minutes staring at the fries. Smoking weed also affects the brain development of teenagers that smoke it. In any case, I agree that 14 is too young for drugs, many of the people I know who started that young, especially with stronger drugs than marijuana, ended up experiencing significantly more problems later on from them. Nice taste. Nice taste. Is it posible to trip on shrooms w/out smoking pot, emeli oil + DMSO = effects similar to LSD (Elemicin). There were a few more instances like these seemingly shared hallucinations. I noticed that while I sat there, I had a song running constantly in my head.

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