he just tried to make visual effect? Although resonance has been heard up to C#5, the consistency is questionable and he tends to sing with a high larynx above C5. That aren’t David Phelps.

Ailee’s mixed voice is a lot bassier than Bada’s, which has a lot more treble quality to it. The way PHS sings always surprises me. hmm… He clearly start to use middle voice from c4~d4 at a video as i mentioned before 0:55. Again whiny generally means squeezed throat, projecting through the nose, in how we use it.

But it is not the reason that he is a baritone, he lacks higher pitch. Is Han Dong geun the original singer of ‘Amazing You’? However he was very professional about his choices. The point is that someone’s passagi is not fixed and it is varies by how lightly connectig cord. ‘Column of sound throughout instrument is quite even’ What does it mean? Sempre achei que no dia que fizessem a analise vocal dele ele iria ficar na mesma posição que a So Hyang…. Use a light approach, not too much volume and sing two notes.

Would you mind to send a link? I am just saying that I’m glad you brought this up because it’s funny timing. than in his previous lives/studio version, like he’s singing with his nose plugged? Pardon me for asking a silly question, but how can you tell when someone starts going into mixed voice? Thank you!
However if the lower range is placed slightly higher, moving from the chest voice to the mixed voice and to the head voice can become much easier.

– He was born in South Chungcheong Province, South Korea. The tone quality will tell the listener the specific fach of a vocalist, however the main aspect of one’s voice type is mostly found by the natural passaggi. ( Log Out / 

For information about COVID-19, see our latest updates and our new visitor policies. Lowkey but high key this is way better mixing quality of sound than I was expecting and way better vocals than I’m used to on the comment sections. He changed how he sang because he felt the need the need to do so and the result was a much more evened out instrument.

Moments of support in his head voice can be heard with the B4’s in “Baby Baby,” C5’s in “Whenever, Wherever, Whatever” D5’s in “동경,” E5’s in “해줄 수 없는 걸,”  “사랑 사랑 사랑,” “Run To You,” and “그곳에 서서” F#5’s in “Der Letzte Tanz” and “The Dreamer,” and even G#5’s in “좋은 사람.” The highest head note he’s peaked at is an A5 in a live performance of “해줄 수 없는 일,” where his head placement remained good throughout but there is an added pushing to his approach that caused him to lose support in that range.

Compare this to 2016 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xx6fUetZwdg, Shoot me. On the other hand, a dramatic type of voice could explain his large output and natural weight but he lacks the coldness and metallic character for me to say with sure that he is a dramatic tenor. For example, I’ve always thought Chen debuted with perfect A4s, but when I read Haruko’s analysis on D.O, I see I was wrong.
It’s different I’m generally partial to his revised technique (since 2014), but for this song I do have some attachment to the original technique . Most of the time he doesn’t do this though. Hyoshin never does so. Poll: Who owned TREASURE’s I LOVE YOU era. But I can tell you as far as I recall it he didn’t quite support very well, didn’t produce resonance and didn’t have passable support in his upper mix nor lower range. I am also worried about my mistakes in grammar and syntax because people maybe misunderstood me. Hey Ahmin, I’ve read this analysis like 10 times already, great work as always, but I want to know why you didn’t include this performance in it. By maturing, he was able to establish his musical identity with a lot more conviction. Most vocalists don’t see drastic changes in technique, which is why I don’t see paragraphs on it.

MA Vocalists: Melismatic/Agile Vocalists, Lee Sunhee’s Vocal Analysis | K-pop Vocalists' Vocal Analyses, Girls' Generation's Vocal Analysis: Taeyeon [Newly Updated], Super Junior's Vocal Analysis: Kyuhyun [Newly Updated].

One color, one consistent quality that’s well kept, well developed and is very hard to do. However even his thickness was also quite closely related to his technique. Select from the list below to customize your experience: One of the most common voice disorders, MTD is due to an abnormal pattern of muscle activation.

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park hyo shin spasmodic dysphonia

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