The demonic overlord known as Trigon the Terrible only knew how to conquer and destroy all he saw fit since his birth. Eventually she learned that Trigon was planning to come to her dimension and vowed to stop him. Tevens kan ze iemands lijden verminderen door de pijn van die persoon te absorberen. Raven’s krachten zijn uiteindelijk de sterkste krachten van de teen titans(team). Rachel Roth, also known as the Raven, is a superheroine from DC Comics. Ze groeide op in een andere dimensie genaamd Azarath, bevolkt door pacifistische wezens. Ze keerde weer terug toen Brother Blood haar ving om Nightwing in zijn macht te krijgen. She was conceived when her mother ran away from home and joined a cult, which then summoned the demon lord Trigon, who raped her. She later provided a number of other artifacts, all capable of killing her, to the Titans as terms for her staying with the team. Empathie.

Compounding the problem was the death of Azar, who had by now passed away from old age and Raven was left bereft of her support. Raven is een personage met een morbide verleden. The Titans pursued them back to Earth, only to find it was almost completely subjugated under Trigon's will. The series was commonly used as a way to highlight characters or reintroduce somewhat forgotten ones by pairing them with Superman . Raven was then captured by Brother Blood's minions to control Nightwing as part of Brother Blood's resurrection. Manipulatie van schaduwen of duisternis. Ze is vooral bekend van haar rol bij de Teen Titans. Later, another version of Raven appeared, this time possessed by her evil conscience.

However the team was able to track them down and convince Raven to join the side of good once more with the help of a mystical artifact Raven gave Donna Troy should such a situation ever arise.

Raven is a tele-empathetic, she can teleport, and send out her Soul-Self, which can fight physically, manifest as a force field, manipulate objects and others as with telekinesis, as well as act as Raven's eyes and ears away from her body.A dark, moody character, Raven is the half-breed daughter of a human mother named Angela Roth (also known as Arella) and the d… These events lead to the creation of the newest team of Titans, which consists of the original New Teen Titans. Her spirit was instilled into the body of a teenage girl by the Church of Blood. Raven resided in Azarath until Azar’s death, at which point she followed her mother back to Gotham and was subsequently raised by her. This is an in-universe article with out-of-universe material. She eventually made her way back to the United States where she reached the Church of Brother Blood. Ze is de dochter van de mens Arella en de demon Trigon. After the Legion of Doom is defeated and Superboy-Prime is bound to the Source Wall, Beast Boy and Raven have a talk about her difficulty in reading Solstice's emotions, and their encounter with Headcase.

The good Raven was instilled into a new golden spirit body. Raven stops Kid Flash just before he can kill Inertia.

Cosplayer verkleed als Raven tijdens NYCC 2013. Through her powers, she discovered that Jericho was actually in control of Match, not the other way around. Ze maakte haar debuut in DC Comics Presents #26 (oktober 1980), bedacht door schrijver Marv Wolfman en tekenaar George Pérez. Haar vader, Trigon, is demon en wil de wereld veroveren. Her mother is a human woman named Arella who was living on Earth at the time of conception, later to relocate to the mystical realm of Azarath.

Raven ontdekte dat ze niet alleen de emoties van anderen kon voelen, maar ook kon manipuleren. Raven's three half-brothers then used her and Beast Boy to act as keys to open a portal to Trigon's realm. Raven used her own power to influence greed in others to make her half-brothers steal what little power Trigon had left. Despite their victory, Trigon could not be destroyed; he and his sons have attempted to sway Raven back to his side on multiple occasions to complete his plan of ruling all the realms by using her capacity to love and feel emotion, which he cannot do. They also found a prophecy which told of the marriage between Brother Blood and Raven that would result in Armageddon. DC Database is a FANDOM Movies Community. Raven traveled around the globe, looking for something that had been stolen from Titans Tower by one of the many members the team had seen in the previous year. She was later married to Trigon’s human avatar, having been seduced by his appearance and supposedly genuine personality. The book that she had in her possession contained a computer disk, which housed the spirit of her old colleague, Jericho. Raven was later approached by Robin and Wonder Girl, in the hopes that she could resurrect Superboy like she did Jericho.

Touched, Raven decides that she needs to embrace the positive feelings inside her rather than just her negative ones. Ze begon vanaf dit momente en witte cape te dragen als teken dat ze vrij was van haar vaders invloed.

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