While this has its uses, it leaves the Reaper very vulnerable while afloat, as it cannot dive to escape aggressors attacking from above. This has led some mad survivors with dreams of riding on the back of a Reaper to try seeing the gestation period through to the end, but that is extremely dangerous, not to mention disgusting. It will sometimes even attack and kill the player who birthed before it is claimed, so building a pen to contain it while in its infancy is required. For your own safety, it is a good idea to build a platform above this pen and face it once the Reaper is ready to be born; allowing it to shoot out and fall into the pit where it cannot reach you, giving you a few brief moments to heal up before running down to claim it. < > Showing 1-3 of 3 comments . The amount of XP the baby absorbs during the pregnancy will alter its stats once it's fully grown, much like taming efficiency in other creatures.

Be mindful of your environment if you have to flee and use the landscape to your advantage to throw her off you; the Megalosaurus' smaller size and agility allows it to duck and weave between obstacles, whereas the Queen either gets trapped, slowed down, or is forced to circle around these hazards.
If you have previously managed to raise a Reaper King and fully (or mostly) imprinted it on you, it is one of the best options at obtaining further Reaper pregnancies. Once the trap is built, leave one side open for the Queen to enter, and proceed to wander the area in an attempt to lure her out. When it comes to availability, Spinos are easier to tame and can be bred for higher stats, unlike most other Queen-killing mounts, although their favorite taming foods; raw prime fish and Exceptional Kibble, can be somewhat difficult to acquire in the Aberrant Ark. The trajectory seems to be stuck at a near perfect straight up trajectory regardless where the user is aiming. Once impregnated, the survivor carries the young Reaper until it bursts from their chest in a grotesque, disturbing spectacle. With this in consideration, he will actually lose a higher percentage of his health than other mounts like Spinos or Drakes, and so will need to spend more time healing between battles with Queens. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts.   Untameable Following the above descriptions, when the pheromone cloud appears and she is ready to impregnate you, dismount with a riot shield raised and your back facing a wall, and wait for her to grab you with her tail. The biggest concern is the environment they have to traverse in order to get to the Queens; nearly everything located within the element regions of the map are hostile to Megalosaurus; meaning your tame will have to wade through many different creatures before coming across a Queen. When the baby is nearly ready to emerge, survivors should put themselves in a safe, enclosed area at least two walls high and away from other survivors and tames. Be sure your mount is set to passive so that it doesn't attack and kill her while she's implanting the embryo. Common   Pink aura seen when the Reaper Queen is ready to impregnate the player. This can be used to rapidly spawn queens for trapping. If traps are not used, utilizing high-health dino to tank the damage, often watching out for any cliff edges. This method however is not always reliable, as the impregnation strike can be interrupted by structures if she grabs you from inside the trap; resulting in a failed attempt, wasted time, and lost resources as you fall out of her tail and she buries away anyway without implanting an embryo. With ini code as well? Tamed Reapers on Genesis Official Servers. I'm having everything from the fertile land spawn entries spawn in and I can't even manually remove them. Reapers imprinted to the rider will still gain the damage resistance rider bonus. Reapers are the few creatures that have a death animation with the others being the. While the survivor is impregnated, the following things should be taken into consideration: There are ways to ensure the Reaper Embryo does not decay upon a single touch of radiation. From there, weaken her to your leisure and get impregnated. There may be some discrepancies between this text and the in-game creature. It may be worth mentioning that while Reaper Kings can spawn in with many region colors, only a few colors can appear legitimately due to the Queen's limited color region spawning. For the trap, you will need a few small Stone Dinosaur Gateways, placed in a rough horseshoe shape similar to the kind of traps used to tame a Giganotosaurus.

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