People sat in the intersection of 11th and Pine, squarely in what’s now called the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), listening to speeches. Allecia Vermillion The intersection outside their window has now been painted with “Black Lives Matter” in giant letters, and serves as a gathering space, where a crowd recently sat for a screening of Ava DuVernay’s “13th,” about the intersection of racial injustice and the justice system. “Even with our anxiety,” he said, “we try to recognize that privilege.”, The livestreamers have had some ominous experiences. At first it was just me drinking a couple of whiskeys, going, ‘What the (expletive) is going on?’ It went from being a ‘This is a powerful protest’ to ‘Oh, (expletive)! “It’s been rough,” she said. “And I thought, ‘People need to see what was happening. Converge Media, LLC. By This Twitter user has been live streaming protests on Periscope for the last few days and narrates to explain what’s going on. Our stress levels have gone down tremendously since the police have left. When Harrington saw 100,000 people were watching, “I kept going. “Everything was happening so fast,” said Jessica Frost, a painter who was laid off from her job at an architecture firm in April. (Edit 6/8/20): Shawn Whiting. Still, Harrington keeps a tripod set up at his third-floor window, ready to broadcast live video, also known as livestreaming, of whatever needs to be seen by thousands of people who have come to depend on him — and neighbors Brandon and Jessica Frost — to share a view of history. Carson Artac, 09/16/2020 “(The police) moved on the protesters and we moved to following that action.”. Watch Live on Youtube 24/7. Ethan Jack Harrington poured himself a glass of whiskey, walked up to the rooftop of the Capitol Hill apartment building he manages, and finally relaxed.

Amber Fouts, 07/29/2019 Zoe Sayler “It kind of happened, and now I feel more of a responsibility,” she said. Allecia Vermillion and Seattle Met Staff “But Black Lives Matter. We’re dedicated to continuing our work but we can’t do it alone. The place had huge windows and wonderful light and plenty of space for Brandon’s work as an audio engineer and Jessica’s art. The protests came to their homes, and they immediately knew what they saw needed to be shared over social media. On Monday, Salisbury streamed an interview at the protest site with Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant, taking Sawant aside to ask her more about her demands. Seattle's indie-minded newspaper has been livestreaming hour-long videos on Instagram from different perspectives for the last couple of days. Edited by We are ALL people. This Twitter user has been live streaming protests on Periscope for the last few days and narrates to explain what’s going on.

A co-worker who drops her off calls this Area 51. By The following Saturday, there was a violent protest downtown, and Jessica Frost wondered when protesters would be coming their way. At a Facebook page launched on the sixth day of protest, streams are live for four hours at a time. The Seattle Police Department’s East Precinct, across the street, was emptied and boarded up. By Photography by 3 Seattle Bars Nominated for Big-Deal Spirited Awards, Exercise Your Right to Drink at These Seattle Speakeasy-Style Bars, Ditch the Chilly Weather and Warm Up Inside These Cozy Seattle Bars, How to Hunt for Chanterelles Near Seattle, 7 Washington Towns to Kick Off Your Airbnb Search, Northwest Travel 2020: Where to Go, What to Know, How UW’s Virology Lab Helped Forge the Nation’s Covid-19 Testing, How to Keep It Together During Coronavirus Quarantine. Edited by Please consider supporting our mission to cover critical issues in the Pacific Northwest from the street level. The Disillusionment Phase of the Pandemic Is Upon Us, Covid-19 Prevention Should Continue to ‘Dominate’ Behavior in Seattle, A Navy Vet's Miraculous, Indefinite Recovery from Covid-19, Seattle Area Neighborhoods, by Real Estate Numbers. Elizabeth Rudge Seattle Met Staff

Photography by Edited by From their Capitol Hill apartment, the Frosts broadcast images of protesters holding umbrellas to block possible tear gas from the police. They would be burning something and I’d be like, ‘Wait ’til something really happens.'”. Jordan Kay, 09/10/2020 “Then I got so desensitized.

By June 1, the couple’s videos had 1.1 million views on Facebook alone. Still, he added, what they’re enduring in their home is nothing compared with the tear gas and rubber bullets people endured on the streets. “I’m in the creative class,” he continued. Things got “chaotic,” on June 4 and 5, when Seattle police used flash-bang devices and tear gas to disperse protesters and the apartment filled with gas. Harrington moved into the apartment three years ago, when he became the building’s manager. At the intersection of 11th Avenue and Pine Street, thousands of protesters bunched against a metal fence; on the other side, lines of Seattle Police Department officers waited in neat lines.

“But we don’t fear the people who have been protesting. Now I’ve been able to give people a view of the chaos.”. That was the worst of the Tupac movies.”).

'”, Sometimes, Harrington does the talking, professing his love for Sanchez, or discussing protesters’ T-shirts (“A ‘Poetic Justice’ shirt? Nicole Martinson and Zoe Sayler, 10/13/2020 Several stories above them, Capitol Hill resident Jessica Frost held her phone out the window for hours on end, documenting the action—and livestreaming it around the globe. live stream We’ve been documenting the frontlines of the Seattle protests since day one.

Volunteer Citizen Journalism.

“It became a documentation,” Brandon Frost said.


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This angle needs to be covered.’, “So I didn’t move and I wasn’t going to move and people said, ‘You should eat,’ but I thought if I move, I’m going to miss something.”. The first couple of days, Harrington said, he wanted to keep the livestream on “for everything.”, “It was so new to my eyes,” he said.

“I’ve never had money, never thought I could effect change.

Seattle Met Staff

Herschell Taghap, 10/30/2020 Benjamin Cassidy, Allecia Vermillion, and Seattle Met Staff, 509 Olive Way, Suite 305, Seattle, WA 98101, they've broadcast from their corner apartment, Seattle’s Best New Restaurants, Unreal Pandemic Edition, 4 Canlis-Approved Boxed Wines to Get You Through Election Week, Hitchcock on Bainbridge Island Will Become Burgerhaus, 5 Washington Red Wines to Drink This Fall, Herschell Taghap’s “Good Impression” Kare Kare, Stream These 21 Shows and Movies with Seattle Connections, A Seattle Guide to 2020’s Weird Thanksgiving, How Bill Gates Became Our Covid-19 Oracle, Raquel Montoya-Lewis Is Ready for the State Supreme Court.

What’s going to happen?'”. At one time, they had more than 250,000 people watching on Facebook, and on June 1, they racked up 1.1 million views. Annika Lindburg, 09/21/2020

The Seattle protests have been seen over Facebook, Instagram and Twitch by a worldwide audience. People have said, ‘You’re the only reason I feel safe because I know you’re up there.'”.

The following night, protesters gathered near Seattle’s East Precinct, and Harrington started streaming for a bit.

10/08/2020 A community resource of information, resources, and updates regarding the world-wide 2020 protests. “I thought, ‘They’re abandoning everything. Everyone watching his livestream watched along with him.

PLEASE SUPPORT INDEPENDENT MEDIA Patreon | Facebook | Venmo | Cash App | PayPal, © Copyright 2020. Police officers came out carrying out boxes and driving off. Their viewers went from 11 to 18,000 in no time. From his slightly eastern vantage point, another Capitol Hill resident gives a view further behind police lines via Facebook.

All rights reserved. Adria Garcia and Castle Cooke On June 1, he broadcast officers shooting pepper spray and tear gas at demonstrators, later telling The Seattle Times “there was no sense of de-escalation” from police. 8.6.2020-8.7.2020 Overnight Stream | 5 views | 2 months ago5 views | 2 months ago

Anna Coumou, 10/30/2020 The comments on Harrington’s feed range from friends asking if he needs beer or groceries, to others — strangers — attacking him. Seattle Met Staff

Sanchez noticed workers boarding up the lower level of the East Precinct building on Sunday and the upper half on Monday. Can Washington's New To-Go Cocktail Law Save Seattle's Bars?

People with Proud Boys tattoos and Confederate flags in the backgrounds of their profiles have written to them on Facebook, one writing to Brandon Frost: “I’ll see you tomorrow,” and another saying they would come back “and take what’s theirs.”. Harrington remembered watching a busload of National Guardsmen empty in front of the East Precinct, and seeing black-clad police officers on the roof of the liquor store across the street. Both Harrington and the Frosts have made new friends, connected with activists on the street and felt their communities broaden far beyond Capitol Hill.

fieldcharge is NOT associated with the protesters, the police, nor the violent or the pacified. “We recognize that we're kind of in a space of privilege here, one to be able to be on the inside of the house instead of outside during these protests, and also that these protests aren't about us,” says Brandon. Photography by Since May 31, they've broadcast from their corner apartment (EDIT: updated link to livestreams here), first making makeshift tripods out of cardboard boxes.

People like Harrington and the Frosts seemingly had no choice but to broadcast. Seattle Met Marisa Comeau-Kerege Jessica and Brandon Frost realized early in the Black Lives Matter-inspired protests that they could use their window views to document events happening below. They were buried in messages and friend requests. When they did, she didn’t think twice about pulling her phone out, which surprised her because she is an introvert. “The entire process has been anxiety-inducing and stressful,” said Brandon Frost, who is in the master’s program for nonprofit leadership at Seattle University. Now that things have calmed a bit, the livestreamers are sorting through what the experience has meant, and how it has changed them. Running almost around the clock, the Frosts have captured much of the past week of Seattle protesting—including several clashes between protesters and police, flash bangs, and tear gas. Highlight: LIVE Seattle Protest at East Precinct. Emphasis on Seattle. “I want to try and utilize that position of power that we have not earned. “A lot of people looking at the feed see it as a way to keep an eye on the police,” he said.

Seattle Protest Network is a volunteer citizen journalism outlet formed to amplify voices from the ground, document events, and support live streamers of civil rights events. Providing a multiple-view of different livestreams from across the web.

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