A ported shroud conversion will slightly decrease the peak efficiency of the compressor wheel however it will make the compressor wheel more efficient over a greater range of engine speeds and loadings. for me atleast. Anyhow, have been thinking about the posibility to do the w126 […], The w115 had a tank hanging below the trunk, and have the fuel strainer hanging at the bottom (the same as the 911 (930) Porsche) The look and design of the filter is quite identical, where the only noticable difference between a gasoline fuel strainer from a w115 and the Porsche fuelstrainer was that the […], Found an old video of the time we tried the car after having fuelfilter problems, this one was in lower gears and speed, and as one can tell, there was nowhere near enough traction, it was cold tarmac, cold tires, and the air started to get a tad damp. Both have the same engine, but the C63 has 451hp while the CLK63 has 500hp. - PeachParts Mercedes ShopForum, 1978 450SLC Super beater/lemons race car - Page 2 - PeachParts Mercedes ShopForum. PSI – water temp – Oil Temp – AFR(wideband) – EGT, Time to replace intercooler for supercharger (From mini cooper R52). Mercedes-Benz Tech Information and Support. A lot of our hybrid turbochargers feature our own, unique, design of billet compressor wheel. Original --everything--. January 24th, 2014, Mercedes-Benz, 15 Comments. The Weistec M276 W.3 Turbo Upgrade unlocks the true potential of the 3.0L Biturbo engine. I've worked on turbo gas motors, were you can bleed the wastegate line and enrichen fuel pressure slightly you get free horsepower, and typically if you don't get over-zealous, it doesn't even scratch reliability. Mercedes-Benz W123. This transmits as improved turbocharger response over cast compressor wheels. Fitting a 360 degree Thrust Bearing increases the reliability of your turbo and allows a safer way of running higher boost pressures. Take a look at what turbo upgrades we offer below and if you're unsure of anything we are more than happy to help. Stopping is better. Ingress of rainwater from holes in the front bulkhead - very annoying, and difficult to find and plug.

Mine has 97,875 miles on it. Advertised gains are estimates of HP and Torque “at the engine” calculated from gains as measured on a Dynojet Dynamometer in ideal conditions and typically show the largest possible change. A forum devoted to perfomance tuning turbo diesel Mercedes including W116, W123, W124, W126, W201 and newer chassis covering the om616, om617, om602, om603 and other engines. The Fitment of a Larger Turbine Wheel is, in theory, much the same as the Fitment of a Larger Compressor Wheel it allows the turbocharger to increase the airflow resulting in an increase in power (with the correct modifications and mapping). All of our Ceramic Coating applications are carried out by Zircotec.Zircotec are market leaders within the ceramic coating industry and have developed a range of ultra-high performance plasma-sprayed ceramic coatings to protect such components from effects of fire, heat, wear corrosion and abrasion. A stronger/uprated actuator means the turbocharger can potentially run higher boost pressure, which can equalling more power. The compressor wheels are CNC machined from a forged billet of aluminium to our own specification and dimensions ensuring that the performance lives up to our high standards. supercharging and turbocharging a 280E w123 m110 engine, custom built megasquirt injection with BMW-fuelrail and audi injectors.

I really want to add a turbo to my SLC mercedes! Amazingly smooth and accomplished for a 23 year old car.

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w123 turbo upgrade

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