They let their minds take them wherever it wants to go which results in thoughts and ideas packed with unique points of view. This appears to be possible using principles of quantum resonance whereby a person’s body and mind pick up information directly and intuitively rather than through a physical perception process. . In order for their gut to provide sensible and effective recommendations, they will keep a watchful eye on their environment and the situation at hand. The following 13 qualities describe some of the ways a highly intuitive person thinks, acts, and lives differently.
You might get a bad feeling in your gut or a feeling of optimism that something will work out for the best. 10 Traits Of The Seriously Intense Person, © Copyright A Conscious Rethink. This page contains affiliate links. Perhaps the most obvious trait of an intuitive person is the extent to which they listen to the little voice inside of them and actually act based upon what it says.

14 Ways To Better Listen To Your Intuition, 4 Signs You’re An Intuitive Empath (Not Just An Empath), 22 Quotes On Intuition To Help Keep You In Touch With Yours. You may imagine that a person who is guided by their intuition has little need for deep thought and contemplation. 11. Being more closely aligned with their feelings than most, intuitive people are better equipped to process anything negative that may arise from within before detaching themselves from it. They can see what they would love to manifest – they see the details and are super-skilled at translating vibration into a visual format that helps them to identify the messages from the Universe they are being given. The intuitive can see things with precise clarity in their mind’s eye.

When I woke up I knew something was wrong, I could feel it in my bones. I have kept journals for many years about the visions and dreams I would have of my children prior to their conception.

The reason you have the detector is to do some deep spiritual work on yourself. It can be thought of as the “sweet spot” between remote viewing at one extreme, and ordinary “gut” feelings or hunches on the other. New Data Say “Yes” to Fractal Multiverse! Bestselling Author of Dear Universe: 200 Mini-Meditations for Instant Manifestations.
In order to help them hear and comprehend what their intuition is saying, they have a remarkable ability to refocus their mind entirely on the now so as to block out any unnecessary thoughts about the past or future.

As your “super-powers” grow you need to train yourself to find the blessing in all situations rather than allowing fear of feeling the various energetic fields keep you separate.

The truth is that ALL of us have the power to manifest our desires, but it’s the people that cultivate a level of discernment with the energy they experience first-hand that determines what flows with ease, and what is hindered by metaphysical resistance. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! More than likely you’re an expert at reading body language, the words people choose to use and the energetic patterns you can identify in others.

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what does it mean to be hyper intuitive

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