Some reasons why you might choose SAFe over LeSS: Scrum@Scale is a useful discussion framework for those who already have several Scrum teams in place that are functioning together, and you would love to find things and areas to improve. Was it easy for you. Sprint planning can last up to 4hrs for a two week sprint and 8 hrs for a four … Any of the listed items can be in the Product Backlog (at least be mentioned in a PB item). The vast majority of the people were enthusiastic and delighted with the new way of working: they belonged to a real team working on a clear goal, where colleagues help each other and the team succeeds in delivering valuable results. Correct (reasoning? Working with customers and stakeholders to identify the most important product requirements, C. Being with the Scrum team all the time, just in case they need me to clarify a requirement, D. Clearly communicating project or release status and strategies to customers and stakeholders. This will increase complexity (not sure if this is the correct answer). D) The Scrum Team has not used the past Sprint Retrospectives effectively to insepct and adapt I hope, now you see the Key Stakeholders go to the Sprint Review and technical domain experts could go to the Sprint Planning. The Scrum Master is responsible for facilitating the Scrum events. [7] The top priority items of the Product Backlog should be analyzed, estimated, and prioritized adequately to begin a Sprint. Correct. No matter how small that business functionality.

Choose 2 answers. You are the Product Owner of the core application of the plat-form. B) With feature teams it is easier to calculate and compare the productivity per team. Experience of the DT. Correct. The Program Increment is facilitated by a Release Train Engineer.

The PO as a member of the Scrum Team participates in the Sprint Retrospective where the DoD is revised and adapted. I know you mention that Nexus isn't covered here, but I wanted to make sure people knew what it was since it is a viable option. Sprint 0 does not exists. It is work for the Project Manager. What’s the source of your questions, please? This is a job for the PO to understand their needs, decide how they can be fulfilled with the maximum value. C. Release note Jan Grape is an agile coach that has spent his last 12 years with Crisp. The business sets the priorities and the team organizes themselves to determine the best way to deliver the highest priority features.

C is incorrect because the Dev Team is responsible for estimates. D) Wrong. 14. The INVEST acronym was coined by Bill Wake and describes the characteristics of a good user story: Why aren’t user stories simply estimated in person-hours? C) You thank product management for understanding that these efforts indeed require effort and budget. He reminds everyone of important non-functional requirements with regards to security. Many people pass the exam using just the Scrum Guide, the open quizzes and my web site. The benefit of Development Teams solving the problem themselves and the ability to produce integrated Increments. Incorrect. Extend the Sprint time-box in order to fit the Retrospectives. Instead use it to finalize things that didn’t get finished, help product owners plan future increments, and just try new things.

On PSM Quiz, regarding the question “What belongs solely to the Development Team?”. Correct

However, I think, the PO can take into the account any reasonable point of view from any person aware of the Product. Wrong. However, I won’t name it as a documentation. a) Raise a concern to HR and get Jason removed from the team. Have the Development Team order the work instead of the Product Owner.

This means that teams address one single application layer only (for example, front end, middle tier, back end, and inter-faces). * Key Stakeholder Involvement Generally, consistently making these allocations will satisfy both the code quality and maintenance requirements of most software applications and build trust among stakeholders regarding the Scrum Team’s capability to deliver valuable product Increments. At the start of the Sprint Planning meeting, select the best description of the Product Backlog items that the Product Owner wants to have done. Mikhail: No. or from another preparation website. Then discussed it at the Sprint Retrospective. to make it happen. The Scrum Guide limits only the maximum length by one month. Modelling may be useful to increase shared understanding. D) It guides a Development Team in creating a forecast at the Sprint Planning. Working with other Scrum Masters to increase the effectiveness of the application of Scrum in the organization. B) You explain that product management should not worry about such typical IT work. It also makes me sad since having more choices causes more confusion and inertia for the adopter. See 11. Engineering standards: a shared set of development and technology standards that a Development Team applies to create releasable Increments of software. In this case the Sprint Scope should be negotiated with the PO as soon as possible. To be able to include all functionality in the release, development needs to accelerate. E) Merge the multiple teams into one large team for the next Sprints. The correct answer, of course, is Spring Backlog.

Incorrect. B) Before the Sprint Planning to know how much work will have to be done in the Sprint. However, it does not change the “work to be done” definition much. Increased creativity If there are more than eight Scrum teams working off the same product backlog, it’s time to divide the product backlog into different requirement areas. So, how can the SM facilitate it? The product owner prefers to continue sprinting in order to make progress with the next release.

All scaling frameworks share some common patterns: Scrum at team level, many teams sharing a backlog, planning is done collaboratively across teams, and the general principles of pull and self-organization. There is no any contradiction. It assumes that on the other side the team may be a big one. Then the PO will communicate with the Stakeholders, resolve it and communicate solution back to the team. That is largely true.However, as Henrik Kniberg says in his Product owner in a nutshell video, the 'product' backlog is perhaps not the best word for it as there may be multiple products in the backlog.So LeSS for example, has nothing in it that specifically stops you from running multiple products.

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you are the scrum master for four scrum teams working from the same product backlog

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