On the 6th episode she ranked #107.

Kiki Wei is in Group 11. Stage Name: Jie Shen Shujun Ma is in Group 9. Birthday: January 14, 1997 On the 3rd  judges evaluation she was given a ‘D’. Lil Reta (Final Rank 64-107) Height: 167 cm (5’6″) Weight: 46 kg (101 lbs). On the 9th/10th episode she was ELIMINATED. On the 13th episode (live vote) she ranked #36. In episode 4 of ‘Who’s the Drama Queen’ she acted as a dog elf. On the 6th episode she ranked #73. On the final episode she ranked #1 earning a spot in the group. TMI: Doesn’t like putting salad dressing in her salad. Small eyes, vocalist, contrasting charm, and speaks nonsense very seriously. Then she is assigned to Class A. Hometown/Province: Shandong On the 6th episode she ranked #90.

Ranking Information: Weight: 49 kg (108 lbs). On the 18th episode (live vote) she ranked #28. In episode 5 of ‘Who’s the Drama Queen’ she acted as a 24 year old quiet designer who studied in France. They should think about what kind of girl group members they want to become to let people remember each of them. Hometown/Province: Heilongjiang On the 3rd judges evaluation she was given a ‘A’. In episode 3 of ‘Who’s the Drama Queen’ she acted as the 21 year old clever jewelry designer. On the 13th episode (live vote) she ranked #36. Ep9 Part2 The fashion show got the crowd screaming, Ep9 Part1 KUN Announces First Round Rankings, Ep8 Part1 KUN choked out the re-rating result, Ep7 Part2 LISA teaches Esther Yu to dance, Ep6 Part2 Amazing stage performance of Babymonster An and Snow Kong, Ep6 Part1 Jokes about LISA's Changeless Blunt Bangs made her giggling, Ep5 Part1 Yoga Lin tricked KUN into a cute pose, Ep4 Part2 KUN announced the position evaluation, Ep4 Part1 LISA's live teaching drew cheers, Ep3 Part2 Esther Yu's performance on the rating stage stunned KUN, Ep3 Part1 LISA talks about idol power, tears wet her eyes, Ep2 Part2 The first contestant who gets an A, Ep2 Part1 Fierce battle between contestants, Ep1 Part2 Lisa's stage made fans' eyes moist, Ep1 Part1 Producer KUN's performance wowed the audience. On the 2nd judges evaluation she was given a ‘F’. On the 3rd judges evaluation she was given a ‘D’. A Window Flower cut for the Holidays: Such exciting things can’t pass without me. On the 2nd judges evaluation she was given a ‘C’. Youth With You Information: On the 7th episode (live vote) she ranked #68. On the 9th/10th episode she was ELIMINATED. There are three positions: Vocal, Dance and Rap. On the 20th episode she ranked #16. Huibo Lin Facts: Youth With You Information:

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